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Five steps for natural thyroid symptom relief

Reviewed by Dr. Mary James, ND

Natural thyroid symptom relief focuses on resolving the source of the issue instead of just masking the symptoms. Several simple steps can, in many cases, naturally ease thyroid-related symptoms, while working to restore healthy thyroid balance so you feel more like yourself again.

women with low thyroid symptoms have good natural options for relief

The thyroid gland has strong influence over many functions in your body, which is one reason thyroid symptoms can be so varied and may even seem unrelated. Its hormones are involved in growth and development, body temperature and blood flow.

The thyroid is also a big player in your weight because it regulates metabolism, including how your body stores calories. But many women are unaware of the deep connection between thyroid function and weight — both losing it and gaining it. When the thyroid has what it needs, your body notices and responds in a healthy way, including good weight management.

Weight gain is just one of the symptoms that can arise when the thyroid isn’t functioning as it should. Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, can make you feel “off” and vulnerable to a range of symptoms including:

  • fatigue
  • weight gain
  • hair loss
  • sensitivity to cold
  • mental fog
  • depressed moods
  • low libido
  • constipation
  • dry skin
  • brittle nails

Mysterious symptoms? Check in with your thyroid

Women who are baffled by their collection of symptoms are often able to trace them to problems with thyroid function. We regularly talk to women who are experiencing mysterious symptoms and have already been to see their doctors about their thyroids. Even when conventional medical test results are unable to confirm the connection, these women still suspect that their symptoms are thyroid-based.

Standard tests often indicate that the thyroid is in fact starting to struggle with high thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), but the thyroid may still be responding appropriately with normal T4 or T3 And that’s how so many women go home from their doctor appointments still feeling terrible and suffering symptoms of underactive thyroid.

But you can still take action to find the relief you need. The thyroid is so sensitive that even tiny changes can throw it off and cause symptoms. So when you can provide the support your thyroid is missing, it’s possible to restore balance to your thyroid function and relieve your symptoms.

5 ways to relieve your low thyroid symptoms naturally and effectively:

1. Eat thyroid-supporting foods.
Research shows that the thyroid needs specific vitamins and minerals to function. Minerals like iodine, selenium and zinc, and vitamins A, C, D and B can all be found in everyday foods and your thyroid relies on them to work well. (Find more whole foods that support the thyroid in our article, What to eat to support your thyroid.)

Takeaway tip: Next time you go to the grocery store, reach for foods like shrimp, haddock, salmon, sea vegetables, eggs and mushrooms. These are all rich in iodine, one of the most important minerals for healthy thyroid function.

women with low thyroid symptoms should eat salmon, haddock and shrimp

2. Try targeted supplements to support healthy thyroid function.
Certain herbs and minerals can address key aspects of thyroid dysfunction and support thyroid health. In addition to iodine, selenium is an everyday nutrient that the thyroid craves in the right forms and dosages. Certain plants contain compounds that can help too. Hops have been found to enhance the uptake of iodine, and coleus mimics the effect of TSH. Ashwagandha helps relieve thyroid symptoms by supporting thyroid hormone balance. T-Balance Plus is one supplement with all of these ingredients and more to support your thyroid naturally.

T Balance Plus T Balance Plus

T-Balance Plus

Relief for symptoms of low or underactive thyroid

3. Let exercise become a regular part of your life.
Studies show that thyroid hormones can increase when your heart rate rises with exercise. Regular physical activity reminds your thyroid to stay alert because it has work to do while you’re moving. Walking, dancing, sports and especially yoga can all support your thyroid health.

Takeaway tip: Set a time each day to take a walk. Gradually build up to walking about 30 minutes five times a week.

4. Let yourself relax whenever you can.
Your stress response can directly influence your thyroid function because the stress hormone cortisol can inhibit both TSH and T4. To help with stress, find opportunities to cultivate little moments of calmness throughout your day. Try alternate nostril breathing, meditation and strategic napping to help reduce stress hormone levels. Getting a little more quality sleep at night can counter stress that occurs during the day.

Takeaway tip: Take a warm bath before bed three nights a week. Make it special by lighting a candle, adding essential oils such as lavender or chamomile, or playing relaxing music.

5. Shine some light on your emotional health.
Many ancient cultures believed that thyroid function is negatively affected if you tend to bottle up your emotions or hold your tongue when you have something important to say. Many women often take care of everyone else before seeing to their own emotional needs. Bridge pose and other yoga postures focus on opening the area around the thyroid. Consider spending time with your own feelings to see if anything bubbles up. Write down your thoughts or talk them over with a trusted friend.

Takeaway tip: Get a little journal or notebook and write down one sentence a day about how you feel physically. At the end of the week, look back at what you’ve written. Are there any patterns? Can you spot any specific emotional areas to focus on?

If underactive thyroid function is affecting your body, a natural approach to relief can make all the difference. This type of support works with your body instead of against it. Even women who’re taking prescription medication can use these natural thyroid symptom-relief tips as a layer of support.

If you have several weird and uncomfortable symptoms, don’t underestimate the influence your thyroid may be having over the way you feel every day. If you suspect your thyroid may be behind your symptoms, take our Thyroid Quiz to see what’s up.

Last Updated: April 17, 2024
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