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The medical, mental & cultural puzzle that is sex for women

As women, society can often make us feel like we’re on a timeline. Not only are we expected to bear children by a certain age, we are also expected to cease being sexy as we get older. But we’re happy to say that more and more women are throwing this timeline to the wind and charting their own paths!

A woman who wants to know more about her sexual health

And the truth is, sexuality and sensuality can change for a woman throughout her life. At some points feeling sexy comes easily, while other times being in touch with our sexual selves is the last thing on the to-do list. It may be a loss of libido, pain with intercourse, fear of pregnancy or STD’s, or stress regarding infertility. Anyway you look at it, women’s sexual needs and desires fluctuate naturally with time. And we know that an honest discussion about these matters can dramatically change a woman’s quality of life and help prevent unwanted health problems.