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Menopause Quiz

Confused about menopause?

Our quiz will assess your specific symptoms and the underlying causes, then we’ll help you on your way to start feeling better.

We’ll give you personalized information and recommendations for improving your hormonal health and relieving your symptoms – naturally.


Let's talk about your symptoms

1. My periods are irregular
2. I have hot flashes or night sweats
3. I have PMS symptoms
(cramps, bloating, breast tenderness, headaches, irritability)
4. I have sleep difficulties

Let's talk about your symptoms

5. I feel tired, weak or even exhausted
6. I feel sad, moody or overwhelmed
7. I feel anxious and even have anxiety attacks
8. I'm forgetful, fuzzy-minded or confused

Let's talk about your symptoms

9. I'm irritable or out-of-sorts
10. I have digestive problems
(bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, nausea or heartburn)
11. I suffer from stiffness or achy joints
12. I struggle to lose weight or keep it off

Let's talk about your symptoms

13. My libido and sexual desire are low
14. I suffer from vaginal dryness
15. I crave sweets or carbohydrates, especially when I'm tired
16. My hair is clearly thinning

Let's talk about your health overall.

17. Are you being treated for any disease or serious health condition?
18. Have you been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis?
19. Have you suffered from a hormonal imbalance in the past?
(thyroid condition, PCOS, insulin resistance, diabetes?)

Let’s consider the level of stress in your life.

20. Is work a source of stress for you?
21. Do you feel overscheduled and rushed?
22. Do you skip meals, frequently diet, or mostly eat out?
23. Are your relationships a source of conflict or stress?

Let’s think about other demands on your body.

24. Do you have caffeine or soft drinks more than once a day?
25. Are you taking multiple prescriptions, or often use antibiotics?
26. Do you have concerns about your family health history?
27. Have you suffered a major emotional trauma recently?
(such as divorce, separation, job loss, death of a loved one)

Now let’s review what kinds of support you give your body now.

28. Do you eat protein at every meal?
29. Do you eat fruits & vegetables every day?
30. Do you eat breakfast every day?
31. Are carbohydrates and/or sweets a big part of your diet?
(count pasta too!)

Now let’s review what kinds of support you give your body now.

32. Do you exercise four or more times a week?
33. Do you get 7-8 hours of sleep per night?
34. Do you practice some form of stress reduction?
(such as meditation or yoga)
35. Do you take high quality nutritional supplements, including omega-3?

You’re almost done!

36. Are you on HRT or trying to get off it?
37. Have you had a hysterectomy?
38. Are you taking some form of prescription birth control?
39. What’s your age?

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