osteoporosis is a real threat for women

Osteoporosis is a real threat for women, and the risks can build quickly. Hormonal imbalance — from PMS to perimenopause and menopause — can have dire effects on bone density, especially if it goes unchecked for years.

But science is clear on how most women can head off osteoporosis and maintain strong, healthy and flexible bones indefinitely. And it certainly doesn’t involve bone drugs of any sort.

Instead, you can naturally stabilize your bone health — even build new bone — no matter what your age. And we can help with our exclusive line of Better Bones supplements from renowned bone health expert, Dr. Susan Brown, PhD.

Modest shifts in diet, stress management and exercise will set the stage for you to enjoy a vibrant, active and bone-supporting life from here on.

The sooner you set your course for having natural bone health, the better. And the good choices you make for your bones will also benefit your overall wellness. So let’s get started.

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