Don’t be fooled: Vitamin D does prevent fracture

What separates a good vitamin D study from one that's flawed? Dr. Brown takes a look -- and sets the record straight on vitamin D and fracture risk.

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New bone drug Tymlos -- is it safe?

Dr. Brown looks at the risks and benefits of the new bone drug Tymlos (abaloparatide).

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Do inhaled steroids hurt your bones?

Inhaled steroid medications, like the ones used to treat asthma and COPD, may pose a risk for bone health.

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Are we setting kids up for osteoporosis?

Today's generation of children and teens, especially girls, are more sedentary than ever. What will this mean for their bone health and risk for osteoporosis as they age?

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High intensity resistance training for bone offers amazing results

One thing we know about bone is that it responds to increased weight load by getting stronger. So the recent findings of an Australian bone clinic that studied women doing high-intensity weight lifting really shouldn’t surprise us. But just look at these results!

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A new look at the bone drug raloxifene (Evista™)

I recently sat down to take a fresh look at the first and largest controlled study on the bone drug raloxifene (Evista™). I think you will be interested in what I discovered.

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Why keto diets can be harmful to your health

So many people have asked me recently about the ketogenic “keto” diet and the benefits — and the drawbacks — of severe carbohydrate restriction. Is the keto the “magic pill” for ending weight and health struggles? As you’ll see, absolutely not. What’s more, keto diets can actually be quite harmful to your health.

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Favorite summer superfoods for osteoporosis

As we enter summer, I want to share with you some of my favorite seasonal foods that fit the criteria of “superfoods” for bone health — and I also want to share exactly what these criteria are to help you in identifying beneficial foods on your own.

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The infamous T score and neglected Z score

Your bone density test results are in, but what do they mean? Start unraveling the different numbers and charts by taking a look at two key measures — T score and Z score — and finding out what these numbers say (and don’t say) about your bone health.

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Dear doctor, please treat me like a man

Having spoken with thousands of individuals diagnosed with osteoporosis, I can’t help but notice a glaring difference between how women and men are treated when a bone health concern arises. Why does conventional osteoporosis treatment contain such a distinct double standard?

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