Favorite summer superfoods for osteoporosis

As we enter summer, I want to share with you some of my favorite seasonal foods that fit the criteria of “superfoods” for bone health — and I also want to share exactly what these criteria are to help you in identifying beneficial foods on your own.

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The infamous T score and neglected Z score

Your bone density test results are in, but what do they mean? Start unraveling the different numbers and charts by taking a look at two key measures — T score and Z score — and finding out what these numbers say (and don’t say) about your bone health.

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Dear doctor, please treat me like a man

Having spoken with thousands of individuals diagnosed with osteoporosis, I can’t help but notice a glaring difference between how women and men are treated when a bone health concern arises. Why does conventional osteoporosis treatment contain such a distinct double standard?

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Is the Mediterranean diet good for bones?

A brand new meta-analysis suggests that following a Mediterranean diet rich in alkalizing foods can significantly decrease hip fracture risk.

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Bisphosphonates make bones weaker, not stronger

According to a recent study, people treated with bisphosphonates have much weaker bones than even people at high risk of fracture due to high bone turnover!

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Why estrogen isn't an option for osteoporosis anymore

The American College of Physicians recently revised its osteoporosis treatment guidelines to no longer recommend estrogen therapy as a treatment for osteoporosis and fracture risk. Here's what you need to know.

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Root vegetables are winter’s gift to bones

Hardy root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, parsnips and sweet potatoes make for delicious, warming, winter foods — and as an added bonus, they have tremendous value for bone health.

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Make your first fracture your last fracture

Did you know that having a previous bone fracture puts you at higher risk for a future fracture? Make your first fracture your last with Dr. Brown's steps for natural healing.

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Prolia for bone fractures -- I'm still not impressed

Is a Prolia a blockbuster bone drug -- or a bust? Dr. Brown takes a look at startling new evidence on the drug's safety and effectiveness.

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2018: the year of deliberate creation

Your choices determine your life experiences, so take time as the new year begins to set your sights, plant new seeds and make 2018 the year of deliberate creation.

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