How many prunes do you need to eat to start building bone?

A recently published clinical trial confirms that eating six prunes daily helps to build and strengthen bone. Learn more -- and get some hearty prune recipes for special dinners and holiday meals.

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6 secret wonders of your skeleton

Our skeletons do much more than hold us up! Learn the 6 secret wonders of the skeleton and the roles our bones play in our overall health.

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Take the Better Bones magnesium challenge!

Magnesium is a key mineral for stronger bones and reduced fracture risk. Learn how to fill your meals with magnesium-rich foods for taking our magnesium challenge!

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How much exercise is “enough” for bone health?

Two new studies show that even small amounts of low-impact exercise have a positive effect on fracture risk with no heavy lifting required.

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Is magnesium the missing ingredient for preventing bone fracture?

Researchers continue to reveal the importance of dietary intake of magnesium for women, and higher magnesium intake significantly decreases fracture risk.

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Arthritis or fracture? Figuring out what back pain means

Recent research shows that the pain caused by vertebral fractures is different from other causes, such as arthritis of the spine.

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3 things to remember about an osteopenia diagnosis

It can be scary to be told you have osteopenia or are well on your way, but the first thing to remember is that you don’t need to panic — you’re not sick.

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New study shows yogurt reduces osteoporosis risk

In a large Irish study, one serving of yogurt daily was linked to a substantially lower risk of osteoporosis and osteopenia.

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An anti-inflammatory diet for healthy bones

Recent studies show that women on an anti-inflammatory diet lost less bone density and had a nearly 50% reduction in hip fracture risk—here are the foods they ate.

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Answers to your top 5 questions about calcium supplements

Calcium is a key nutrient when it comes to bone strength—Every day I’m asked, “How much calcium should I take, and when? What’s the best form? Can I take too much?”

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