Answers to your top 5 questions about calcium supplements

Calcium is a key nutrient when it comes to bone strength—Every day I’m asked, “How much calcium should I take, and when? What’s the best form? Can I take too much?”

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Your FRAX fracture prediction: Take it with a grain of salt

Whether your FRAX prediction says that you’re at risk for a fracture or not, you may want to take the number with a grain of salt. Here’s why.

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Chromium: a hidden nutrient for bone and energy metabolism

Chromium is one of the key essential nutrients I recommend for women’s bone health and energy metabolism.

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How to reduce the risks of too much sitting

If you’re looking for extra motivation to get up and get moving, there’s a powerful new study documenting how sitting for 8 hours a day can take years off your life.

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Vitamin K2: A Valentine's message for heart and bones

Vitamin K has a special relationship to both heart and bone health through its link in its contribution to metabolism of calcium.

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What your wrist fracture may be telling you

Wrist fractures — common in middle-aged and older women — are an important sign that attention should be given to strengthening bone.

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In 2017, learn to cultivate inner peace amid outer turmoil

It’s clear to me that 2017 will be challenging. But I refuse to be discouraged. After all, the times of greatest challenge offer the greatest opportunity for growth. Here are 8 tips to help you find inner peace.

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Your social networks influence your health

Research shows that we tend to reflect the people we’re closest to — here are the top ways that our social networks influence our health and happiness.

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Fall superfood for bones: Ginger

I’m naming ginger as one of my fall superfoods. See the amazing benefits ginger root has to offer plus get my favorite holiday ginger recipe!

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Diabetes and osteoporosis

Research is uncovering many ways in which high blood sugar and high insulin levels damage bone — here’s a look at how osteoporosis and diabetes are connected and what you can do.

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