A natural approach to osteoporosis and bone health

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Helping children avoid the future burden of osteoporosis

Could exercise be the secret to helping children avoid osteoporosis in the future? The research says yes, so let's take a deeper look.

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Boron: a little goes a long way toward healthy bones

Boron is a helper nutrient that helps to significantly reduce calcium loss. Are you getting enough?

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Natural bone health with the Alkaline for Life® diet

Dr. Brown explains how to alkalize for bone health with the Alkaline for Life diet.

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Should you use Forteo for osteoporosis?

Dr. Brown takes a look at the research on Forteo and uncovers new concerns she wants you to know about.

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Rethinking the causes of osteoporosis

It’s often suggested that the major causes of osteoporosis in women are low calcium intake and lowered estrogen levels in menopause. But is this really true?

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Congratulations! You’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis

When you have undiagnosed osteoporosis, you lack a key piece of information that you need to take action — you can’t solve a problem you don’t know exists.

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Exercising for Bone Strength: The Better Bones, Better Body® Exercise Principles

Learn the 5 key ways exercise strengthens weak bone, even in people with osteoporosis.

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Health benefits of black pepper

Sprinkling a little pepper on your foods offers surprising nutritional health benefits, including improved nutrient absorption.

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Why your bones want you to kick the sugar habit

Sugar in your diet is bad for your bones as well as your whole body. But the real question is, how do you get rid of it?

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