Why is a healthy thyroid so important?

The thyroid gland produces, stores, and releases hormones that travel through your body regulating your metabolism and directing other activity in your cells.

If your thyroid gland can’t make enough thyroid hormone, it can cause weight gain, crushing fatigue, hair loss, uncomfortably dry skin, and super sensitivity to cold temperatures.

Hypothyroidism is on the rise especially in women — statistics strongly suggest that low or sluggish thyroid affects six times as many women as men. Subclinical, or undiagnosed, hypothyroidism is even more common.

With an underactive thyroid, you can experience unsettling symptoms — unusual changes to your weight and body shape, hair loss, deep fatigue, uncomfortable skin issues, and possibly many others. Though these are actually the symptoms of low thyroid, it’s hard to get a doctor to confirm the connection, or even to acknowledge that you feel awful.

But you know your body better than anyone else. If you suspect you’re having a low-thyroid issue, it’s best to intervene early.

When you support your thyroid with a targeted, plant-based supplement, you can relieve symptoms, have more energy and help maintain thyroid hormone production. And small shifts in diet and lifestyle can make a big difference in protecting your thyroid function over the long term — the rest of your vigorous life.

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