Positive affirmations for calming fall frenzy

Is it just me, or is the transition into fall somewhat bittersweet? While the ideaof bidding warm nights and beach weekends adieu is hard, there is a certain comfortin resuming September’s routines. Yet, almost everywhere we look we’re remindedof how busy the months ahead will be — with store aisles full of backpacks and binders,followed closely by Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving decorations, and Christmastrees lurking right around the corner.

A calm woman journaling

Feeling overwhelmed, behind schedule and anxious is all too common this time ofyear, but it’s not inevitable if we can manage to stay in the moment and cut ourselvessome slack. Great advice, but easier said than done, right? It is especially hardto prioritize regular exercise, healthy eating, meditation and deep breathing whenwe are feeling lost in our obligations. Not surprisingly, these are the times weneed to support ourselves most!

One tool that I use and recommend to fend off these types of feelings when theycreep in is to utilize positive affirmations, or phrases that are repeated to redirectnegative thought patterns and create a peaceful, empowered mindset. I like affirmationsbecause they can be tailored to address any emotion, can be used anywhere and arecompletely free.

Here are a few of my favorite fall affirmations for you to try:

Say: I am excited, energized and enthusiastic about life.I have abundant energy to accomplish all I need to.
Because it helps to: Combat feelings of fatigue; manage many demands.

Say: Stress passes over me like a river over stone. I remainpeaceful and calm in all situations.
Because it helps to: Keep the mind and body at ease.

Say: I am pleasantly surprised by the beauty in people andthings around me.
Because it helps to: Focus on the present moment; look at the positive.

Repeat your affirmations a few times when you start your day, and come back to theseas often as you need to. If you have some extra time, make this a meditation bysimply sitting tall, closing your eyes, breathing deeply and repeating the wordsaloud or in your head. Affirmations should be easy to remember, and feel naturalas you repeat them, so personalize the wording or look up some others that suityour own needs.

Finally, give yourself credit for taking the steps toward decreased stress, improvedmental clarity and better overall health and happiness.

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Published: February 26, 2015 - Last Updated: April 2, 2021

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