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What is "adrenal fatigue"? The term “adrenal fatigue” is the subject of controversy. Women's Health Network explains what adrenal fatigue really is and why it’s controversial.

Relieve adrenal fatigue by normalizing high cortisol levels. Every woman with fatigue, insomnia, weight gain or depression should be tested for adrenal function. In almost every case, those tests show dysregulated cortisol levels and adrenal dysfunction. Learn more about this little-known problem and what you can do about it.

How to relieve stress: 7 tips from a doctor, by Dr. Amber Hayden, DO. Here are 7 doctor-tested tips when dealing with unexpected everyday stress or stress that just won’t go away.

Can stress cause weight gain? Women often notice weight gain when they go through a period of stress. And when chronic stress hits, it can be very difficult to lose this weight. Women's Health Network explains the connection between weight gain and adrenal health and offers hints for reducing stress and losing weight.

Is stress affecting your thyroid? Reviewed by Dr. Mary James, ND Chronic stress has a profound impact on thyroid function. Learn more from Women's Health Network about how adrenal imbalance can lead to hypothyroidism.

The link between stress and forgetfulness. If you find yourself forgetting simple things regularly, don’t panic — it’s probably not early onset dementia! More likely, stress is interfering with brain function. It’s common in women, and it’s also easily remedied. Find out how.

Calming everyday anxiety in women, by Dr. Mary James, ND. Three steps to feeling less stressed and more peaceful. Anxiety may start small but can quickly gain traction if its underlying adrenal connection is not addressed. Learn more about everyday anxiety and use our three-step plan to feel calmer, happier and more relaxed.

Solving stress-related sleep problems naturally. If stress and tension keep you awake at night, Women's Health Network offers solutions for your stress-related insomnia.

The adrenal fatigue diet, Reviewed by Dr. Mary James, ND. Our simple guidelines help you build an adrenal fatigue diet that supports your adrenals -- from the best time to eat, to the nutrients you need, to what foods to avoid.

How to boost energy – naturally, reviewed by Dr. Mary James, ND.. Using herbs is one powerful method of recovering adrenal balance and boosting energy naturally. Here are 5 effective herbs and their benefits for energy.

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How caffeine affects your adrenal health. Women with adrenal imbalance may find caffeine exacerbates their symptoms. Learn more about caffeine’s effects on the adrenal glands.

Solutions for stress, fatigue and adrenal issues. This article introduces the adrenal glands and the describes effects of adrenal hormones, particularly cortisol, when we’re under stress, with links to other articles in this section.

Revealing your hidden stressors. So many women (and practitioners, too) dismiss the effects of stress on their health. “I’m just stressed,” they say — but we want women to know that even small stressors can build up into a big health problem if you don’t take the time to recognize and counterbalance them. Take our Stress Quiz for a snapshot of how much stress you live with every day!