What is adrenal fatigue?


“Adrenal fatigue” is a popular term for a condition more properly called adrenal imbalance or adrenal dysfunction. Adrenal imbalance occurs when we experience more sustained stress than we can handle. Common factors include inadequate sleep, relationship conflicts at home or work, financial pressures, overreliance on stimulants like caffeine and refined carbs, and even over-exercising, to name just a few. Over time, these challenges take a toll on your body and disrupt the hormonal pathways that moderate your response to stress.

Among their many tasks, our adrenals keep us safe by providing a healthy “fight or flight” response in times of emergency. This response is only meant to last for a short period, however, to get us out of immediate danger. When stress becomes the norm in our lives, the adrenals are constantly being taxed, leading to adrenal imbalance. This dysfunction can take on many forms, but with time, adrenal imbalance can tear down the body. This occurs mainly as a result of cortisol overproduction. underproduction of DHEA (a parent hormone to estrogen, progesterone and testosterone), and/or ultimately, low cortisol output.

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