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Our data show that over half of all women suffer symptoms of hormonal balance that are rooted in stress. Our lives are filled with chronic stress but our bodies aren’t made to handle it.

Cortisol, the major stress hormone, is often the villain. Excess cortisol can throw your whole endocrine system off balance. So if you’re suffering from fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, burnout or a host of other similar symptoms, you may have some level of adrenal fatigue.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine has been slow to recognize the pivotal role of adrenal health. But alternative doctors have discovered simple steps you can take to restore healthy adrenal function in almost all cases.

Your adrenal function is vulnerable to many factors, including stress, but the right diet, supplements and exercise can put it back on track.

Learn more about your adrenal glands, the destructive effects of chronic stress, the role of cortisol and adrenaline. And then find out what you can do to feel like yourself again.

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