It’s normal to be tired after a long day. Nothing to worry about. But if you sleep through the night and still wake up fatigued, something’s wrong.

Overwhelming fatigue, anxiety, weight gain, and sleep problems are just a few of the effects that ongoing stress can have on your body. And if they’re allowed to go on for too long, these stress symptoms themselves will begin to damage your health in very serious, long-lasting ways.

Your stress response, often known as “fight or flight,” is a lifesaving mechanism powered by your adrenal glands. It can save your life in an emergency but after the threat passes, your body is supposed to return to normal function. The trouble is, our bodies interpret our grinding modern lifestyle as a never-ending emergency. So the stress response is continually activated and high levels of strong stress hormones keep pulsing through the body indefinitely.

Thankfully, there are genuinely effective steps you can take — right now — to help your body manage the effects of stress. You can feel calmer and more in control. You’ll be able to relax and finally get good quality sleep again. It all starts with understanding more about your adrenal function and how it’s affected by daily stress.

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