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Thyroid imbalance and weight loss resistance

By WHN Editorial Team

Thyroid imbalances are more and more prevalent these days, though many cases fly under the radar because they aren’t detected by standard laboratory tests. Subclinical hypothyroidism — where women continue to suffer symptoms like weight gain, cravings and fatigue but present as “normal” on their thyroid tests — is often missed by conventional doctors. This leaves so many women feeling helpless because the weight gain and fatigue they’re experiencing indicate something is truly wrong in their bodies. But they simply aren’t given any answers or direction about how to fix it.

woman with thyroid weight gain

How low thyroid can lead to weight gain

When thyroid hormones are low — even just a little — the part of your brain that controls appetite can be affected intensely. The key chemical messengers that regulate our eating behavior become mixed up when thyroid hormones are imbalanced. Here’s what happens:

thyroid weight gain pathway
  • Serotonin decreases.
  • Beta endorphin decreases.
  • GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) decreases.
  • Leptin becomes inefficient.

Serotonin, beta endorphin, and GABA are brain chemicals connected to food cravings as well as feeling satisfied after we eat. And leptin is a critically important hormone because it tells the body when to lose weight and when to keep it. These changes not only increase the amount of weight you gain, but they can also enhance cravings, inhibit the sensation of fullness, decrease energy and lower moods. No wonder we find that the weight is packing on!

The result is intense carbohydrate cravings, low energy and depressed moods, changes in body shape and stubborn weight gain. Yet, the solution is relatively simple. Just by supporting your thyroid, you can break through your thyroid-related weight loss resistance.

Release thyroid weight by supporting thyroid hormone balance

Giving your body thyroid-supportive nutrients, and making dietary changes and lifestyle modifications can initiate amazing changes in your body, and how you look and feel. Our Weight Loss Resistance Package: Essentials with Thyroid Support includes meal plans with advice on thyroid-boosting foods and T-Balance Plus, our herbal thyroid support, which includes Bacopa monnieri, hops, sage, ashwagandha, coleus forskohlii, iodine and selenium to promote healthy signaling between your thyroid, brain and body. This combination of herbs provides a boost in energy, helps balance thyroid hormones and supports healthy thyroid cell metabolism. In addition, we offer you information on exercise (and how to start, if you don’t have an exercise routine), and much more! You don’t have to let a thyroid imbalance keep you from looking and feeling your best! Make a change today.

Last Updated: November 14, 2022
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