How can I help my husband understand what I’m going through?

Q: I’m a 40-year-old female, now married for 17 years and starting to experience early menopause. I’m finding myself to be very emotional lately, crying more now than ever before. I’m not depressed — at least not often — but I do experience times when I feel that no one understands me.

Helping your husband understand menopause

I’m not on any type of hormone therapy or medication. I’m not experiencing hot flashes or night sweats. I just cannot seem to explain to my husband what’s happening to me emotionally now. I was able to convince him that we need to read up on the effects of menopause. Can you help me to help my husband understand the new life I’m living?

A: We certainly understand how difficult it can be for women to relay their feelings to their spouses at this time in life. The journey you are on is an individual one, and sometimes we can only fully comprehend major life changes in retrospect.

Each relationship between two people is unique as well, and carries with it a complex set of constraints, strengths, and history. This too makes it difficult to offer meaningful advice on how best to explain the perimenopausal experience to your partner.

But there are common themes, and it is important for your spouse to know and understand more about the physical and emotional changes you are experiencing. For starting tips on bridging this gap, you may want to read our main article on talking to your partner about menopause. Then you might like to share some of our other articles on menopause and perimenopause with your husband:

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You may also wish to review our additional menopause reading list, where we summarize some of our favorite books on the topic of menopause.

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Published: November 1, 2013 - Last Updated: March 30, 2021

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