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Questions about bioidentical hormones and other forms of HRT

Let’s explore some of the questions we’re frequently asked at Women’s Health Network about HRT. We want to clear up some of the confusion around synthetic, equine–based, and bioidentical forms — and how to figure out what your best options are.

Woman asking questions about hormones and hormone replacement therapy

1. My doctor wants me to use Provera. I read that this is a synthetic hormone. Should I?

2. I want to get off Prempro — where do I start?

3. I want to stop my HRT immediately and buy the Hormonal Health Program. Do I need to be on your products for a while first, or can I just get started now?

4. Why am I still getting hot flashes — at the age of 60?!

5. I’ve been experiencing changes in my periods since stopping HRT — is this normal?

6. Are there bioidentical hormones that can help vaginal dryness and frequent UTIs?

7. Suzanne Somers’s books say we have to get blood work done to determine which hormones we need. Is that true?

8. I live in a very rural area. Should I buy a hormone panel over the internet?

9. What if all my other hormones are low, besides estrogen?

10. Where should I wear my estradiol patch, and how often should I change it?

11. How often should I use my estradiol gel product, and where should I apply it?

12. How hard is it to switch from compounded bioidentical HRT to FDA-approved bioidentical HRT?

13. What if I can’t afford testing for hormone therapy?

14. What about the risks of bioidentical hormone therapy?

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Last Updated: June 9, 2021
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