Many people think of detoxification as something we only need to do to get rid of unusual or excess toxins in the body, but the truth is, we do it all the time. Every time you exhale, every time you urinate or move your bowels, you’re detoxing — because the wastes you eliminate and the air you exhale include many of those molecules that your body is trying to get rid of. The liver, kidneys, spleen, and lymphatic system all target the waste and toxins that otherwise would build up in our tissues. Even when we cry we’re detoxing, because emotions, too, can be toxic! We take these forms of detox for granted, never realizing how important they are to our well-being.

When women tell us how tired they are, or how bloated, achy or spaced-out they’ve been feeling, we wonder if their bodies are being overwhelmed by retained wastes or toxic burden. It’s not surprising that this should be the case, when we live in a world where heavy metals, prescription medications, environmental chemicals, and antibiotics leach into our food and water supply. With all that going on, it’s no wonder our bodies are fighting to keep clean! This toxic sludge can build up in your system faster than you think, clogging your primary detox systems in the liver and lymphatic system. And when the body’s natural detoxification pathways are disrupted, your hormonal balance and overall feeling of wellness can be quickly degraded.

The good news is, you can boost your body’s natural detox functions and support its inbuilt ability to heal itself. In our experience, detoxifying can refresh, rejuvenate and energize women. It helps you regain your mental focus, promotes clearer skin, improves your digestion, and much more — and with a little time and attention, these benefits aren’t difficult to achieve. In fact, a periodic detox is one of the easiest ways to see a dramatic improvement in how you feel — quickly!

We have many insights into how we can prevent toxicity from compromising our health. Tune in to the rhythms and natural capacity of your body to detoxify and cleanse itself — and you will find that being inside your skin is a wonderful place to be!

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