Covid-19 -- a new reason to eat more fermented vegetables

Researchers noted the Covid-19 outcomes were better in countries where people regularly consume fermented vegetables. Are you eating enough fermented veggies?

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Immune-boosting foods — summer edition!

Support your immune and respiratory health this summer with these 5 immune-boosting foods.

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Sorry, celery juice isn’t a miracle cure-all

Is there anything to all the buzz that celery juice can cure just about anything that ails you? A doctor takes a look at this latest health fad, and finds the evidence lacking.

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Your new favorite quinoa salad recipe

Get all the health benefits of quinoa with this easy salad recipe.

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Easy Roasted Vegetable Platter recipe to take to parties

This roasted vegetables recipe is tasty, nutritious and easy! All you’ll need is the vegetables, olive oil, salt & pepper and 30 minutes — perfect for parties.

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The hidden dangers that food labels conceal

Do you really know what is – or isn’t – in the food you eat? Find out what a food label is really telling you.

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3 easy homemade bone broth recipes

Bone broth can be the basis for warming soups and stews, or you can sip it straight. Ready to give this healing elixir a try?

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Why The Pickle You Buy Matters

Here’s how to choose a pickle type that is both delicious and good for your health.

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Ditching dairy 101, with Dr. Sharon Stills

Get started with the benefits of going dairy free with Dr. Sharon Stills in one of our most popular Facebook Live videos.

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How to know if you have hidden food allergies or sensitivities

Love dairy or pasta? They may be making you sick. Find out why so many women don’t realize they have hidden food sensitivities.

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