Help is on the way! Our approach can put you on track for your weight loss goals

You’ve tried everything to shed your unwanted pounds with inadequate results. Either you can’t lose weight at all, or you regain any lost pounds quickly. You may also be dealing with low energy and weight-related digestive issues, and have the feeling that your body is simply not working as it should. And, your body is contending with an adrenal imbalance that is interfering with your body’s ability to shed weight.

Lasting weight loss can be yours with our Program solutions. Our combination approach is naturally effective because it blends nutritional and targeted supplementation with simple diet, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments. Effective easy to follow, and fully guaranteed — we make it perfect for you.

In 30 days, you can relieve symptoms and resolve your weight loss resistance for just $79.00. Once you clear your metabolic obstacles to losing weight, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel and look — especially if you’re really committed to following our approach.


Learn more about adrenal imbalance and weight loss resistance.

Your 30-day program includes:

  • Adrenal support formula. Adaptogenic support to provide energy, mental clarity, and enhanced immune function.

    You’ll receive a 30-day supply of Adaptisol, our natural adrenal support supplement specially formulated to address the most common symptoms of overworked adrenals and reduce the negative side effects of stress – including unwanted weight gain. It features standardized extracts of ancient herbs known for their adaptogenic properties.

  • Metabolic support. Because your metabolism has everything to do with weight loss.

    You’ll also receive a 30-day supply of M-Boost, our exclusive metabolic formula with cutting-edge ingredients to help you lose weight by supporting healthy metabolism, keeping your body from storing fat, reducing hunger and tamping down cravings.

  • Advanced protein shake formula. Advanced snack shake for optimal body composition.

    Our satisfying protein-packed shake, WheySational, works with your metabolism to help reduce cravings, promote healthy weight including the proper ratio of body fat to lean body mass. Enhanced formula for great taste. Choose chocolate or vanilla — both naturally flavored.

  • The Essentials Diet and Lifestyle e-Guide. Learn how to create the conditions for lasting weight loss.

    Our exclusive e-Guide shows you how to overcome weight loss resistance, with our Essentials Diet. It’s packed with information on lifestyle, exercise and more. You’ll also get special tips for healing hidden metabolic imbalances so you can finally lose weight for good.

  • Support plan to help guide you to lose weight for good. Because we all need a little coaching sometimes.

    As a customer of Women's Health Network our support is always free for you. Our caring and experienced Wellness Coaches are here to answer your questions and give you the encouragement and advice you need by e-mail, phone, and via the web. We often find that a few simple adjustments to further personalize your Program can be all it takes to help you succeed.


Optional Nursing support: Our highly trained Nurse–Educators are available whenever you have special concerns or need extra help. They have tremendous experience and a caring, supportive manner that our customers appreciate so much. A 20-minute consultation is just $19.

Free newsletter: Stay connected and feel supported with our free newsletter, which focuses on health topics that matter to you. Our customers tell us they watch for it every few weeks, and find the content informative and valuable.

Continued support

You’ll want to maintain the results and well-being you’ve achieved. For your convenience, we’ll automatically ship another 30-day supply of M-Boost, WheySational and Adaptisol each month for just $79.00. Of course, there is never any purchase obligation, and you can cancel at any time. Most women appreciate the ease of the hassle-free resupply and knowing they’ll always have support they need on hand.

And as long as you are a customer, you will continue to enjoy the free phone and online support, as well as the optional Nurse–Educator availability that sets Women's Health Network apart.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

If you’re not completely satisfied, simply return your program and we’ll refund your purchase price — even if you’ve used all the supplements. Let’s get started!