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Getting off HRT safely and symptom-free. If you want to get off of HRT, there are great natural options to support your transition. It helps if you have good information to help you know what to expect and stay symptom-free during the process.

Bioidentical hormones — a guide to your options and alternatives, by Dr. Sharon Stills. Women are frustrated by the amount of misinformation there is about different bioidentical hormones. Dr. Stills explains all the lots great options available and offers the pros and cons for each one.

The real risks of HRT. What makes HRT safe for some women and not others? Even though the decision to take HRT is between a woman and her healthcare provider, it’s best to first understand your own personal risks and possible benefits.

Talking to your doctor about hormone therapy, by Dr. Mary James, ND. Women with hot flashes, irritability, anxiety and more are often given prescriptions for HRT. Dr. James' information can help you have a constructive conversation with your doctor about your choices.

HRT scientific findings since the Women’s Health Initiative. Recent research findings have offered some perspective on the use of HRT for menopause symptoms. But HRT can also affect other, crucially important aspects of health, so taking a look at the science can help clear up the confusion.

Questions about bioidentical hormones and other forms of HRT. Want to clear up confusion around synthetic, equine–based, and bioidentical forms — and figure out what your best options are? Here are answers to a few of the questions we hear most about HRT issues.

A history of hormone replacement therapy. Here is a brief history of the hormone replacement therapy, including development of synthetic HRT such as Premarin and Prempro, and how women have been turning to bioidentical hormones as an alternative to synthetic forms.

Want to get off HRT? An introductory overview of our current knowledge about hormone replacement therapy.

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