What are the risks associated with HRT?


In 2002, the Women’s Health Initiative reported that women on Prempro (combined synthetic variants of estrogen and progestin) were at significantly increased risk for breast cancer, heart disease, strokes, and blood clots. and a year later, dementia was added to the list. The conclusion was that the risks outweighed the benefits.

In the intervening years reanalysis and further research have presented more mixed results. In 2007, a reanalysis of the original WHI results suggested a lower risk for heart disease in younger women, but this new analysis did not look at other risks. The question of whether it increases cancer risk is still under debate.

Apart from an increased risk of disease, the list of side effects associated with synthetic HRT is a long one. At Women's Health Network, we believe a woman’s individual health history and quality of life must be carefully weighed when considering whether or not to use HRT. There are numerous alternatives to synthetic HRT, many of which do not include hormone therapy. What’s most important for a woman to realize she has very good options that support, rather than compromise her long-term health.

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