Dry eyes in menopause – and natural ways to prevent them

Are dry eyes driving you crazy – and nothing seems to help? More than 60% of women experience dry eyes in menopause. Here’s what you can do.

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When gluten-free doesn’t help — a doctor explains

Avoiding gluten but still suffering from symptoms? Here’s what else could be causing your problems.

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Why you should stop doing #yogaeverydamnday

Get out of your rut and revitalize your practice with rest days, reading, and meditation — here’s how.

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The odds are 50/50 you have the MTHFR gene mutation. Here’s why that’s a problem.

Studies suggest you may have up to a 50% chance of carrying a genetic mutation that could have a significant impact on your health, but there is a simple solution to improve your symptoms.

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How to create the sexual adventure of your dreams

Lots of us crave new and increasingly intense experiences, especially when it comes to sex. Here’s how to make them happen.

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Vitamin supplements for brain health — here’s what you need to know

Here are the specific nutrients your brain needs to think, focus and remember.

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How to maintain your zen – after you leave the yoga studio

Access that “just-left-my-yoga-mat” mentality – hours after you leave the studio.

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Digestive enzymes: the secret remedy for bloat and constipation

Painful (and embarrassing) digestive symptoms don’t just ruin your dinner plans – they also damage your health. Here’s how digestive enzymes can help.

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7 herbs to reduce your menopause symptoms

Plants and herbs are more powerful than you may think when it comes to reducing your worst menopause symptoms. Here are the 7 best to try.

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Simple detox steps to strengthen your immune system

If you’re trying to avoid the flu this winter, a little detox will boost your immune system. These three steps make it easy.

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