3 tips to reduce digestive bloating

Most women over 35 have problems with digestion — and bloating is the most common symptom. But conventional doctors aren’t much help. Today Dr. James gives us 3 tips to help ourselves make bloating disappear.

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The hormonal causes of adult acne

Up to 40% of women over 30 develop late-stage acne. Here’s a 5-point plan to fix it holistically.

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Why your doctor is wrong about chronic UTIs

When you suffer frequent UTIs, it’s clear that antibiotics aren’t enough. Here’s why — and what to do instead.

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Are irregular periods a sign of thyroid problems?

Irregular periods are seldom recognized as a sign of thyroid issues. But they often are. Dr. Sarika Arora, MD explains why.

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When is osteopenia something to worry about?

Confused about your "diagnosis" of osteopenia? Learn the 4 questions that can help you uncover what osteopenia really means for your bone health.

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Ditching dairy 101, with Dr. Sharon Stills

Get started with the benefits of going dairy free with Dr. Sharon Stills in one of our most popular Facebook Live videos.

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The surprising role of progesterone for your thyroid function

Low progesterone can have a terrible effect on your thyroid function — but there are natural remedies. A doctor explains.

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Why your doctor is wrong about low-fat diets

Uh-oh — Low-fat diets actually increase belly fat! A doctor explains how, and tells us what to eat instead

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Burn brown adipose tissue for lasting weight loss

Here’s what you need to know about brown fat – the type of fat that burns calories instead of storing them.

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What are the different types of yoga?

Yoga can be for anyone, but the varieties can be overwhelming. Here are several choices to help you decide which types are best for you.

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