The surprising cause of insulin resistance your doctor doesn’t know about

Solid evidence shows a connection between pesticide exposures and insulin resistance -- so why aren't being told about it?

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Our favorite DIY superfood face mask

Our favorite DIY superfood face mask

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Why keto diets can be harmful to your health

So many people have asked me recently about the ketogenic "keto" diet and the benefits — and the drawbacks — of severe carbohydrate restriction. Is the keto the "magic pill" for ending weight and health struggles? As you'll see, absolutely not. What's more, keto diets can actually be quite harmful to your health.

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The dubious claims of sex drugs for women

Low libido is a real issue for many women, but if you want a clear example of what’s wrong with women’s health care today, the new drugs for low libido show it all.

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How to depuff your face with lymphatic massage

Reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and skin with this easy technique for facial lymphatic drainage.

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What’s keeping you from your best sleep?

Three doctors talk about the importance of sleep and what might help you to get better sleep.

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4 sunscreen ingredients that mess with your hormones

Could your sunscreen be putting your hormones at risk? Check to make sure your favorite sunscreen is free of these top offenders.

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Why The Pickle You Buy Matters

Here’s how to choose a pickle type that is both delicious and good for your health.

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Why TSH testing fails to diagnose hypothyroidism

The standard TSH testing range could be missing as many as 75% of people with hypothyroidism. Here are the two thyroid tests that can help diagnose low thyroid.

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The Ayurvedic digestive types — knowing yours could transform your health

Knowing your Ayurvedic digestive type can transform your health. Dr. Sharon Stills, NMD reveals what your Ayurvedic digestive type tells you about what to eat -- and what to avoid.

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