The hidden dangers in your green smoothie

Here are the 5 biggest health dangers hidden in your smoothie, along with simple solutions to protect your health.

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When the menopause doctor becomes the student

Regardless of if you’re a doctor going through menopause or a patient going through it, we all have a lot to learn and share to help one another through the transition.

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How to have new sex in an old relationship

Lots of people in long-term relationships would like to reboot their sex lives. Here’s how.

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How to bring your sexual fantasies to life

If you’re ready to take your personal sexual fantasy out of your imagination and play it out, here’s how to get started with making your fantasy real.

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Why the way we approach diet is all wrong

So many of us have real trouble cutting out the foods that make us fat and unhealthy – here’s how to change your mindset in order to change your diet for good.

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5 tricks to make thinning hair look fuller

Changes to your hormones can cause hair to thin. Here are 5 tricks to help.

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How to be a 'superager'

Neurologist Julie Schwartzbard MD explains the lifestyle choices ‘superagers’ make that help them maintain their youthful cognitive function during the aging process.

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3 diet tricks that will always help you lose weight

I always stick with these three simple weight loss tricks that always have and always will work, no matter what’s trending.

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7 surprising symptoms of perimenopause

There are surprising symptoms of perimenopause — such as ringing in your ears or heart palpitations. Here’s the list of little-known symptoms and what to do about them.

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How memories can go from bad to good

It’s possible to shrink the power that bad memories hold over you as well as the difficult emotions they can cause. Once you do this, you can live better in the present.

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