Covid-19 news flash: Asymptomatic does not mean safe

Why are we so concerned about asymptomatic cases of Covid-19? Two new studies shed some light.

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3 ways to make your face mask more effective

Boost your homemade cloth face mask's ability to filter germs.

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Best Foods for Lung Health

Nutrients your lungs need for repair and optimal function.

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How to prevent chronic UTIs -- tips from a doctor

The good news — there’s a lot you can do to prevent chronic UTIs. Here are some tips to get you started.

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Covid-19 — a new reason to get more Vitamin K

Vitamin K deficiency may be linked to worsened coronavirus outcomes, including the development of blood clots.

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Put the brakes on high blood pressure with breathwork

Deep breathing stimulates your Vagus nerve. Here's why this matters for blood pressure and immune health.

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Arthritis in your 40s -- what's different?

Dr. Pier Boutin, MD, explores early arthritis symptoms and the many steps you can take to find arthritis pain relief.

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Immune-boosting foods — summer edition!

Support your immune and respiratory health this summer with these 5 immune-boosting foods.

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Learn the role Vitamin D plays in immune health

Exciting new research shows how much Vitamin D matters for immune function and protection from Covid-19. Are you getting enough?

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Soothe sore muscles with our DIY muscle rub

Try our homemade muscle rub recipe that uses ingredients from your kitchen.

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