A surprising side effect of the Covid-19 pandemic? For many, it’s joint pain

If you’ve been experiencing joint aches and pains seemingly out of the blue, it could be pandemic lifestyle changes putting your joint health at risk.

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Is good gut flora an “off switch” for damaging cytokines?

Researchers now believe that a particular strain of gut flora helps to capture excess cytokines, heading off a brewing storm.

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Supporting a weakened immune system -- what helps?

Dr. Sharon Stills shares her favorite tips for supporting immune health when your immune system is compromised.

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Covid-19 -- a new reason to eat more fermented vegetables

Researchers noted the Covid-19 outcomes were better in countries where people regularly consume fermented vegetables. Are you eating enough fermented veggies?

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25 health factors that lower immunity

The truth is, almost half of all Americans have suppressed immunity. Are you — and your loved ones -- at risk?

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5 best herbs for menopause

Dr. Mary James explains how herbs work in the body to balance hormones in menopause, and names her top favorites for effectiveness.

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Covid-19 news flash: Asymptomatic does not mean safe

Why are we so concerned about asymptomatic cases of Covid-19? Two new studies shed some light.

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3 ways to make your face mask more effective

Boost your homemade cloth face mask's ability to filter germs.

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Best Foods for Lung Health

Nutrients your lungs need for repair and optimal function.

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How to prevent chronic UTIs -- tips from a doctor

The good news — there’s a lot you can do to prevent chronic UTIs. Here are some tips to get you started.

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