Trying to lose weight? When you eat matters.

Could the timing of your meals help you lose those stubborn pounds? Dr. Mary James reveals when to eat — and when not to eat — for lasting weight loss

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2 ingredients you need to survive flu season

Elderberries and manuka honey are two powerful, natural remedies for surviving cold and flu season – Try our homemade elderberry syrup recipe to reap the healing benefits.

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Hidden dangers on food labels — and how to find them

Think that organic, high-fiber protein bar is good for you? Take another look once you’ve read this blog from nutritionist Dr. Susan Brown.

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3 walking workouts we love

With just a few tweaks, you can turn your favorite regular neighborhood walks into genuine fitness sessions that reduce belly fat and build stamina.

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You may be taking too many drugs. But how can you tell?

Could you be taking too many prescription drugs? What Dr. James has to say and questions you should ask yourself about your health, medications, symptoms and side effects.

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Essential oil recipes for sleep and calm

Take a deep breath and get ready to relax with essential oil blends for soothing sleep. The best essential oils for sleep include lavender, jasmine and sandalwood.

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5 secret weight loss ingredients

When you’ve tried all those diets but nothing worked, maybe you’ve been missing something. Dr. Arora explains the 5 secret nutrients she recommends to her patients. Maybe they’ll work for you too.

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How to make change that lasts

Just in time to make your 2019 resolutions a reality – 5 tips for making change that lasts from Dr. Sharon Stills.

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5 chair yoga poses for all levels

Chair yoga poses are great for all levels – whether you’re a senior, a beginner, or have limited mobility, this chair yoga sequence is for you.

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Are your shoes causing foot problems?

Wearing the wrong shoes can cause foot problems down the road, so knowing how to choose the best shoes for your feet is important to avoid serious problems.

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