In 2017, learn to cultivate inner peace amid outer turmoil

It’s clear to me that 2017 will be challenging. But I refuse to be discouraged. After all, the times of greatest challenge offer the greatest opportunity for growth. Here are 8 tips to help you find inner peace.

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Your social networks influence your health

Research shows that we tend to reflect the people we’re closest to — here are the top ways that our social networks influence our health and happiness.

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Fall superfood for bones: Ginger

I’m naming ginger as one of my fall superfoods. See the amazing benefits ginger root has to offer plus get my favorite holiday ginger recipe!

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Diabetes and osteoporosis

Research is uncovering many ways in which high blood sugar and high insulin levels damage bone — here’s a look at how osteoporosis and diabetes are connected and what you can do.

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Menopause and sleep disturbances impact biological aging

A new study shows that post-menopausal women with 5 insomnia symptoms were nearly 2 years older biologically than similar women with no insomnia symptoms.

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Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds: fall bone superstars

Pumpkins, squashes and their seeds are among the fall bone-building superstars due to their alkalizing, antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory properties.

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3 trace minerals for bone health

Manganese, copper and boron are only needed in small amounts, but provide big benefits for bone health.

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Bone health risks of watching TV

Here are the reasons binge-watching TV is bad for your bones, along with tips to improve your TV watching habits.

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How much vitamin D should you take? That depends on you

Even people who get adequate sunlight may become vitamin D deficient, so it's important to be aware of how much quality vitamin D you should be taking year round.

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6 ways standard osteoporosis treatment is dead wrong

Two of my top concerns about the standard approach to bone health touch on isolating bone health and high doses of calcium as an answer.

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