We’ve been helping women embrace healthy living and natural weight loss for years and have put together 25 of our favorite weight loss tips that really work. Some of these tips will fit with your life, while others won’t. You may decide to tackle all of them at once or simply make changes one at a time. Chart your own course or take a look at our Weight Loss Resistance Package for a more comprehensive approach to weight loss.

1. Eat a little protein whenever you eat carbohydrates (especially foods that contain sugar).

2. Fill half of your plate with colorful non-starchy vegetables, one quarter with lean protein, and one quarter with complex carbohydrates.

3. Use protein shakes if you are on the go, but not more than four times per week.

4. Try a gluten-free diet.

5. Avoid high fructose corn syrup.

6. Eat more vegetables than fruit.

7. Use ghee (a type of clarified butter) instead of butter.

8. Use olive oil instead of dressings.

9. Exercise to stay strong and feel good, not simply to “burn calories.”

10. Find something you love when it comes to exercise, not something that feels like a chore.

11. Have some raw milk or yogurt at every meal, including breakfast (if you can tolerate it).

12. Follow the old wisdom about making the midday meal your main meal.

13. Don’t skip meals and if you feel hungry between meals, have a small snack (with protein).

14. Avoid sweet snacks and go for protein and fiber.

15. Eat goat’s milk cheese instead of cow’s milk cheese.

16. Prioritize sleep and stress-relief.

17. Avoid plastics and other sources of endocrine disruptors such as parabens (common in conditioners and lotions).

18. Don’t be fooled by fruit juice — avoid anything that has more than 6 grams of carbs in 12 ounces and that’s pretty much every kind.

19. Rotate foods so that you don’t eat the same things every day — we are omnivores.

20. Don’t stress too much if you occasionally over-indulge — the effects of cortisol are often worse than too many calories once in a while.

21. Share meals with friends and family instead of eating alone — it’s more satisfying.

22. If you are eating alone, step away from your computer or television.

23. Add 2 tablespoons of plant oils to a healthy smoothie (apricot kernel and pumpkin are good choices).

24. A small piece of chocolate is okay a few times a week as long as it’s at least 60% cocoa and made with no artificial additives.

25. If you’d like a treat, try baking your favorite dessert with stevia or xylitol instead of sugar — and remember you can always add nuts for added fiber and protein.

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