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Hormonal Health: PMS Relief Program

Hormonal Health: PMS Relief Program

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The Program for PMS Relief — 30-day starter phase

This package is for you if:

  • You have symptoms like cramping, breast tenderness, hormonal headaches, bloating, bowel changes, and intense food cravings.
  • You’re losing too many days every month to PMS symptoms.
  • You struggle with the emotional components of PMS — irritability, angry outbursts, moodiness, and monthly “weepiness.”

What you get with your package

  • Essential Nutrients — our popular multivitamin/mineral nutritional foundation, formulated just for women.
  • PMS Solution — our exclusive, science-based supplement taps the power of herbs to reduce and relieve PMS symptoms.
  • Our Eating Plan and Lifestyle e-Guide — our exclusive e-Guide is complete with an easy-to-follow plan with diet guidance, lifestyle tips and detailed recommendations for reducing the effects of PMS every month. Includes an enriched eating plan, recipes and menus — all specifically selected for women with PMS. The e-Guide is delivered via e-mail, usually within one week of purchase.
  • Free phone support — from our Advisors and Wellness Coaches whenever you need it. One of the hallmarks of the Women's Health Network.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with no questions asked.

Support beyond the starter phase

  • Automatic resupply — continue creating the conditions for a PMS-free month with a monthly shipment of Essential Nutrients and PMS Solution. No purchase commitment — you may cancel anytime.
  • Access to all of our exclusive formulas — order additional supplements to customize your package as needed.
  • Also available — optional consultations with our Nurse-Educators, just $19 for 20 minutes.
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Review by Amy on 06/25/2015

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I have struggled with horrible PMS symptoms my whole menstruating life. As I have gotten older it has gotten worse. I have tried birth control pills and Wellbutrin, but they did not work. By taking Essential Nutrients and PMS Solution, changing my diet, getting daily exercise and keeping track of my cycle I am feeling better. I have only been on the supplements a little over a month and I have already felt a difference.
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