Find powerful relief in 30 days with our natural solution for PMS symptoms

Reclaim your life from the misery of PMS every month by making an important move today — one that will lead to feeling steadier, calmer, more levelheaded and totally in control every day of your cycle.

Imagine what life would be like every month if you weren’t dreading PMS symptoms: cramping, unpleasant breast tenderness, hormonal headaches, uncomfortable bloating, bowel changes, and incredibly intense cravings. You may have any — or all — of these physical symptoms, and likely also struggle with the emotional components of PMS: irritability and angry outbursts, moodiness, anxiety, and unsettling feelings of sadness or “weepiness.”

Up until now, women searching for PMS relief have been told to resort to old-fashioned “drugstore” pills or prescriptions that aren’t even really for PMS. But recent research has helped us understand how certain cyclical changes in the body can lead to symptoms for many women.

Taking this one simple step can make next month very different for you.

You’re here because you’re ready to reduce or eliminate your PMS symptoms

Now you can effectively target the specific sources of your PMS symptoms to reduce, or even eliminate, their impact on your life. Our PMS Relief Program is a simple combination approach.

Phase 1: Your Starter Phase

In the first 30 days of your PMS Relief Program, you’ll use herbal support to find relief from your symptoms and begin providing your body with the nutritional support to help resolve PMS symptoms at their source. You’ll also learn how to use diet and lifestyle to help ease, and prevent, PMS from taking over your life every month.

Your 30-day Starter Phase includes:

  • Nutritional support: You’ll receive a 30-day supply of Essential Nutrients, our clinically proven multivitamin/mineral formula that provides the purest ingredients with optimal absorption and bioavailability in one easy-to-take formula.
  • Phytotherapy support: You’ll also receive a 30-day supply of PMS Solution, our exclusive, science-based supplement that taps into the power of herbs to reduce and relieve PMS symptoms.
  • Our Eating Plan and Lifestyle e-Guide: Our exclusive e-Guide is complete with an easy-to-follow plan with diet guidance, lifestyle tips and detailed recommendations for reducing the effects of PMS every month. Includes an enriched eating plan, recipes and menus — all specifically selected for women with PMS. The e-Guide is delivered via e-mail, usually within one week of purchase.


  • Free phone support: Every customer of Women’s Health Network gets free phone support from our Advisors and Wellness Coaches whenever you need it. Get answers to your questions, personalized guidance, and the encouragement you need to succeed.
  • Nursing support (optional): Taking support one step further, our highly trained Nurse–Educators are available whenever you have special concerns or need extra help. They have tremendous experience and a caring, supportive manner our customers appreciate so much. A 20-minute consultation is just $19.
  • Free online access to track your progress: Log in to My Account, a convenient online portal where you can track the improvement in your symptoms, manage your orders, access our exclusive optional supplements, and more.
  • Free newsletter: Helping you feel connected and supported is the purpose of our free newsletter, which focuses on health topics that matter to you. Our customers tell us they watch for it every few weeks, and always find the content informative and valuable.

Phase 2: Your Maintenance Phase

After you complete your 30-day Starter Phase, you’ll want to help ensure longer-lasting results by continuing to create the conditions for a PMS-free life with a monthly shipment of Essential Nutrients and PMS Solution. Of course, there is never any purchase obligation, and you can cancel at any time. Most women appreciate the ease of the hassle-free resupply and knowing they’ll always have support they need on hand.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

We’re so confident — based on the results we’ve seen with thousands of women over the years — that we’ll fully refund all of your money if you’re not completely thrilled… even if you’ve used all the product.

30 days or less to a happier, healthier you. Let’s get started!