When you’re symptom-free, your hormones are in balance, and you feel great. You have lots of energy, you sleep like a baby, your sex drive is strong, and your immune and digestive systems function beautifully. And of course, you look wonderful.

This sense of physical and emotional wellbeing is your body’s normal state. And when you give your body what it needs — and deserves — you can feel this way from your 20’s through your 70’s — and beyond.

But along the way, it’s easy to lose your natural ability to make and balance hormones. Whether you are in perimenopause or menopause, this same hormonal imbalance is often the root source of so many troubling, uncomfortable, and even embarrassing symptoms.

Your symptoms are your body’s way of asking for more support

Most women on the Hormonal Health Program have demanding jobs and active home lives. They’re wives, partners, moms, and care-giving daughters, often for aging parents. Though they don’t want it to be true, many of these relationships themselves are stressful.

These kinds of demands add to the burden your body is already trying to carry, especially if you aren’t providing enough support. This mismatch between demands and support gives rise to many symptoms: hot flashes, insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, loss of libido, cravings, thyroid issues, and more.

Many women think they can just push through it all by themselves. But the reality is that stress, demands, symptoms, and lack of support can bring you to an important turning point in your life — and that’s why you’re here today.

Our unique holistic approach — effective, natural, simple and proven

In years of helping tens of thousands of women suffering from hormonal imbalance, we’ve learned that simply providing four forms of support will resolve even severe symptoms for almost all women.

  1. Endocrine support to help your body maintain the right balance of hormones and healthy endocrine function.
  2. Medical-grade nutritional supplements to ensure a consistent supply of the rich nutrients your body needs to make and balance its hormones.
  3. Diet adjustments, to satisfy your body’s real requirements.
  4. Lifestyle changes to help reduce the demands on your body so you can achieve lasting relief— including real-life guidance for reducing stress, along with tips for improving natural detoxification.

The Hormonal Health Program comes in seven versions to match our solutions to your level of symptoms. To know more about your symptoms, take our FREE online Hormonal Health Profile.

Natural, effective, and personalized — it just works better that way

An incredible 85% of the women we’ve worked with report feeling better, looking better, and living better — free of the symptoms that used to interfere with their lives and happiness. You can be one of them.

With our Hormonal Health Program, you’ll experience nearly immediate improvements that may surprise you. As you feel better, you’ll have the strength, energy, motivation and desire to keep going. Once your hormonal balance is restored, it will be much easier to maintain it.

As women, we’re all different — and we love that because it makes life much more interesting. It also means that your physiology and life history are unique, and so your path to hormonal balance will be unique too. Our approach is to build a strong foundation of support and then show you how to add your own personal solutions as needed.

When you need guidance or support, call us toll free at 1-800-448-4919 — we’re here to listen and help. You’ll talk to a real woman in Portland, Maine, who knows just what you’re going through, and who has the experience and knowledge to help you get the results you want.

See for yourself. You have nothing to lose — except your symptoms

Our natural approach has been the answer for over 150,000 women who have relieved their symptoms, and restored their health and well-being. They’re back to feeling great and enjoying each day again. We invite you to prove the Hormonal Health Program to yourself — it’s fully guaranteed — so what have you got to lose?