What has worked for thousands of women can work for you, too.

Like so many women today, you’re uncomfortable being on hormone replacement therapy. Happily, there is another solution — one that is natural and effective, without the risks of HRT.

In fact, we have helped thousands and thousands of women get off HRT over the years. With our unique, holistic approach, they’ve been able to return to vibrant health and well-being in just a matter of months. We’re certain it can work for you, too.

Our approach

The secret to our success lies in restoring your body’s ability to make and balance its own hormones. Naturally.

We do this by giving you vital support where you need it the most: through nutrients, endocrine and sleep support and an enriched eating plan. We also schedule two consults with our Nurse–Educators, to ensure that you get the help you need as you begin your recovery. (And to keep you on the right track as your symptoms recede.)

Because your body needs time to wean off HRT, it’s best to do this gradually. So expect to take 90 days to taper off HRT and really feel the benefits. Rest assured: you will be completely off HRT within 90 days and be free of all symptoms, or we’ll refund the purchase price of your Program. Here’s how it works.

In 90 total days, you can resolve your symptoms and feel better than you’ve felt in a long time. Especially if you’re really committed to your recovery and to taking control of your health.

Your initial 30-day Program includes:

  • Nutritional support: You’ll receive a 30-day supply of Essential Nutrients and Omega-3s. Our Essential Nutrients is a clinically proven multivitamin/mineral formula that provides the purest ingredients with optimal absorption and bioavailability in one easy-to-take formula. Our Omega-3s are of the highest quality and made with natural lemon flavor to reduce any unpleasant fishy taste.
  • Endocrine support: You’ll also receive a 30-day supply of Herbal Equilibrium, our wonderful foundational multibotanical that helps your body make and balance its own hormones. It goes beyond other pills and creams to help women with deficiencies in progesterone, testosterone AND estrogen. It is formulated naturally to assist your body in balancing your own hormones.
  • Serinisol: a 30-day supply of our exclusive natural calming support formula that helps reduce increased cortisol and occasional anxiousness, stress and sleeplessness. These symptoms can return when you try to get off HRT if you don’t provide enough support and targeted supplementation.
  • Quick Start e-Card with weaning schedule: our handy e-Card has detailed instructions for getting off HRT in 90 days. Our weaning chart shows clearly how to support your body by taking our supplements correctly as you taper off HRT. It also includes helpful tips for easing the transition to being HRT-free.
  • Our eating plan and lifestyle eGuide: We make restoring your hormonal balance simple with specialized diet suggestions and lifestyle changes. Our eGuide is packed with tips for successful eating, exercising, relaxing, de-stressing, and detoxifying. We even include an easy-to-follow menu plan and recipes to ensure your eating success. The more severe your symptoms, the more important it is for you to follow these tips and guidelines. The good news: our meal plan is easy, highly satisfying and extremely effective. The eGuide is delivered via e-mail, usually within a week of purchase.


  • Nurse–Educator support: You’ll have two monthly phone consults with our highly trained Nurse–Educators to ensure you get plenty of support during your Program. These are included at no additional cost.
  • Free phone support: As a customer of Women's Health Network, phone support is always free for you. And caring and experienced Wellness Coaches are here to answer your questions and give you the encouragement and advice you need to help you succeed.
  • Free online access to track your progress: Log-in to My Account, a convenient online portal where you can track the improvement in your symptoms, manage your orders, access our exclusive optional supplements and more.
  • Free newsletter: Helping you feel connected and supported our free newsletter focuses on health topics that matter to you. Our customers tell us they watch for it every few weeks, because they find the content informative and valuable.

Continued support

Please note: it takes at least 90-120 days to get off HRT comfortably, without a rebound in symptoms. We strongly recommend staying on the program for at least three months to get the best results. After you complete your 30-day Program we’ll automatically ship another 30-day supply of Essential Nutrients, Omega-3s, Herbal Equilibrium and Serinisol — each month for just $89.95. Of course, there is never any purchase obligation, and you can cancel at any time. Most women appreciate the ease of the hassle-free resupply and knowing they’ll always have support they need on hand.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We’ve seen amazing results for over 100,000 women we’ve worked with. And our Hormonal Health Program can be a fast, effective, and safe alternative for you, too. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, you can receive a full refund of your purchase price — even if you’ve used all the products.

Let’s get started!