Our Better Bones Programs are the at-home versions of the natural bone health protocols created and used by renowned bone health expert, Susan E. Brown, PhD. Thousands of women have reclaimed control of their health by supporting their bones naturally, without drugs. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your results — or your money back.

The Programs come in two individual versions that match our solutions to your bone health goals and wellness concerns.

BETTER BONES: Builder — choose this version if you have a high risk of fracture or if you need intensive support to improve the strength and condition of your bones naturally by supporting your body’s own innate ability to restore and rebuild bone.

BETTER BONES: Menopause — choose this version if you want to improve and support your bone health naturally, and also need effective, natural relief for menopause or perimenopause symptoms that are interfering with your life.

To know more about how healthy your bones are — including risks, "bone burden," and ways to improve your status naturally — take our FREE online Bone Health Profile.