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The best broad-spectrum herbal remedy for fast, lasting relief of common menopause symptoms

  • Relieves symptoms including: fatigue, hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings, loss of libido and insomnia
  • Doctor-formulated to restore hormonal balance
  • Herbal extracts safe for long-term use
  • Made in FDA-inspected labs
  • Batch-tested to ensure purity & potency


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How does Herbal Equilibrium work?

Herbal Equilibrium is a proprietary formula with seven essential herbal extracts, each of which has been used for years to help restore hormonal balance and resolve symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, irritability and more. This broad-spectrum formula works even where simpler formulas have failed.

Because herbal extracts are “adaptogens”, your body uses only what it needs to provide gentle, effective relief. Herbal Equilibrium’s combination formula is powerful and effective because it works with your body — not against it. This is why Herbal Equilibrium is safe and effective for long-term use.

The extracts in Herbal Equilibrium are called “phytocrines”, a special class of plant extracts that stimulate your body’s own ability to make and balance its natural hormones. So there’s a real answer for women who want a natural remedy for their menopause symptoms.

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Why there’s confusion about natural remedies for menopause

Most women start with a natural approach in an effort to avoid taking prescription drugs, whose side effects and health risks have been so well-documented.

Unfortunately many women are disappointed with the natural remedies they’ve tried. Most don’t work very well — addressing the needs of just a minority of women, or only those with mild symptoms. And they don’t provide long-lasting results. Here’s why:

  • Most contain only 1-3 herbal extracts.
  • Dosages are too low or the products aren’t taken correctly, or for long enough
  • Some are outright misleading — one prominent brand is based on MSG!
  • Many have low quality standards, so what’s on the label isn’t in the bottle.
  • Relief is often just temporary, or just for a few symptoms, because your imbalance involves multiple hormones.

If you’re one of the millions of women who want to use a natural menopause remedy but have been disappointed before, we’ve got important news for you.

You can trust Herbal Equilibrium because it works

Herbal Equilibrium is unique because it’s:

  • The only broad-spectrum herbal remedy
  • Contains only active ingredients with well-established efficacy
  • Doctor-formulated so dosages are potent but safe
  • Produced exclusively in the US in an FDA-inspected lab
  • Batch-assayed to ensure label compliance
  • Low-allergen formulation has no artificial ingredients, toxins, hormone disruptors, gluten, animal products, sugar, fillers, preservatives, synthetic dyes or coloring.

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    | 92% recommend
Just $39.95   BUY NOW

Get your life back!

Over 80% of women suffer significant symptoms of menopause. Perimenopause symptoms can begin years before menopause. Symptoms are often so debilitating they interfere with your work, your family and your enjoyment of life. Worst of all, most women suffer from eight or more symptoms!

Now you can get your life back with Herbal Equilibrium. We promise you’ll look and feel the way you want or your money back. Try it today!

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