a woman looking for over the counter menopause relief needs to know what works

When it comes to natural menopause remedies, how do you know which ones work?

Over the years of helping women with natural menopause solutions, we’ve found that some remedies are far superior to others.

Start with your symptoms

Menopause symptoms can run the gamut — from hot flashes and fatigue to dry eyes and joint pain.

In order to find the menopause remedy that works best for you, take an inventory of your symptoms first. Fill out our quick profile now.

Your choices for natural menopause relief

Most choices for natural menopause relief are based in phytotherapy, or the use of plants and plant extracts to relieve symptoms and promote health and healing.

Herbs for menopause symptoms work with your body as “adaptogens” that can adapt to your unique physiological needs. Certain herbs stimulate hormone production; others can mimic the actions of your hormones; and others bind to your hormone receptors. The key benefit with herbs is that your body can use as little or as much as it needs. This is very different from prescription medications which generally use a one-size-fits-all approach that can overwhelm your body’s natural responses and mechanisms.

The most effective herbs and plants for menopause have been identified as black cohosh, kudzu, red clover, passionflower, chasteberry, wild yam, soy and others. Soy can work well but it can cause inflammation and lead to uncomfortable digestive symptoms, increased mucus production, shortness of breath, and skin rashes in some women. We’ve found that using a combination of herbs is the best, safest and most effective approach.

Why a multibotanical works better than a single herb

Many over-the-counter menopause remedies contain a single plant source like soy or black cohosh. These can work for some, but not most women and generally address only one or two mild symptoms, rather than multiple or severe symptoms. Since the majority of women suffer from many tough symptoms, a multibotanical is much more effective for two reasons:

  • First, what works for one woman may not work for another. For example, black cohosh relieves some women’s hot flashes, but others feel no benefit at all. With an herbal product that includes black cohosh and red clover and kudzu, you’re more likely to get results.
  • Second, perimenopause and menopause usually cause multiple symptoms, including fatigue, hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings, irritability and more. Multiple herbs can address multiple symptoms at once.

A plant-based menopause solution for a variety of symptoms

We’ve immersed ourselves in the research and studied the biology of menopause to carefully select the herbs, vitamins and minerals we know can provide real menopause symptom relief. Our remedies meet you wherever you are on the symptom spectrum:

1. Start with Herbal Equilibrium, our exclusive multibotanical that targets the top 10 symptoms of menopause. For women with moderate-severe symptoms, choose Herbal Equilibrium with a medical-grade multivitamin for maximum symptom relief.

2. Make a few hormone-healthy changes in your diet. The delicious and healthy food plan and recipes that come with our Programs help you make the incremental changes that are easiest to adopt long-term.

3. Think about making lifestyle shifts that include getting more sleep and relaxation, and finding exercise that you can stick with.

Our approach is different from anything you’ll find on a store shelf and we’re always ready to help you with the next step. Some women feel much better taking Herbal Equilibrium and our multivitamin-mineral complex. Others are ready to make changes in how they eat and live so that their results are more lasting. With our Programs, you decide what you do and when you do it, but we are always here to help.

Our team is made up of women who are good listeners. They know all about menopause and can help you adapt our solution to your unique needs. You are in good hands with Women's Health Network so give us a call at 1-800-448-4919.