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Phytotherapy - a doctor's view on plant-based medicine, reviewed by Dr. Mary James, ND. Learn more about the benefits of using herbs in medicine and find helpful tips on how to get the most out of your herbal products.

Seven myths about women's health. Looking and feeling good is not about following the hype and fear put forth by conventional medicine and the media, but about understanding your unique body and what it needs to achieve balance and health naturally. Learn why these common women’s health myths are not just misguided, but can actually harm your health, and why the truth about women’s health begins with you.

What is homeopathy? Reviewed by Dr. Sharon Stills, NMD. If you’ve heard of homeopathy but don’t really know what it is or how it works, you have lots of company. Still, many people rely on homeopathy to help them feel better. Find out more about homeopathy to see if it can help you too.

Take time to breathe for your health. Deep breathing aids your body in many of the same ways exercise does. Here’s how you can get the most out of mindful breathing.

Stop suffering from urinary tract infections, by Dr. Sarika Arora, MD. There are reasons why women are more prone to UTI’s than men, but there are also many simple ways to boost immunity and nip them in the bud. With a better understanding of how UTI’s gain a toehold, you’ll be better equipped to prevent that from happening — naturally. (We also provide a page on what you need to know about UTI testing and urgent treatment, preventing antibiotic side-effects, and avoiding antibiotic resistance.)

Pelvic floor strengthening — Kegel exercises and other options to reduce symptoms, Reviewed by Dr. Sarika Arora, MD. Pelvic floor strengthening with Kegel exercises and other methods is important for women’s health – here are the symptoms of a weak pelvic floor and what you can do.

Vaginal yeast infections — a natural approach. Vaginal yeast infections are uncomfortable and embarrassing — and frustrating when they seem to recur again and again. Fortunately, Women's Health Network has advice for how to solve yeast infections naturally.

Alternative medicine — can it help you? Many women want more than temporary relief for symptoms — they want to identify and resolve what’s causing their symptoms. Find out more about different schools of alternative medicine, complementary modalities, body-based therapies, as well as mind-body techniques.

Tea time — 10 amazing ways tea helps keep you young. Did you ever wonder if drinking tea is as good for you as everyone says? Women's Health Network answers: yes! And tells you why tea can help support health for a lifetime.

Why you shouldn’t drink soda even if it’s diet. Both regular and diet soda have no nutritional value and cause a lot of health damage leading to weight gain, diabetes, brain issues, heart disease, bone problems and more.

Women’s unique health needs, by Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN. Why do women suffer so much more from auto-immune diseases than men? Why do they have ten times the rate of hypothyroidism? The answers explain why women have to be listened to, and why we need an integrative approach to women’s health.

Five fall health mistakes to avoid. Busy schedules and more stress can leave you more vulnerable to making simple health mistakes that cause miserable symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, cravings and susceptibility to colds and flu. Find out how to protect yourself now.

Five ways to kick the winter blues. Did you know exercising outside can affect your brain more positively than exercise done indoors? Learn some simple ways to stay happy (and healthy) during the winter months.

Herbal supplements for women's health symptoms. Customers love our comprehensive Programs available in our SHOP. And now we have even more options for finding relief from troubling symptoms. Find more energy, look your best and build the foundation for long-term health and vitality. See more.

Interstitial cystitis. Growing awareness of interstitial cystitis, an often-misdiagnosed source of pelvic pain for women, has shown a connection between IC and hormonal imbalance. Learn about how IC is identified and treatments for interstitial cystitis.

Money basics. How do you feel about money, and why? Here is guidance for women of all ages on overcoming cultural beliefs, fears, and gender bias concerning money; how to jump-start your education about financial matters; what today’s top female money experts may have to offer you; and thoughts on the link between your health and your wealth that no woman can afford to ignore.

Prioritizing your health when money is tight. When financial concerns loom large, many women cut back on healthcare to save money — but Women's Health Network offers ways to enjoy great health without cutting corners.