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Heart disease in women: a new understanding Understand your choices when it comes to heart disease and find out how to have more control over the outcome.

How to lower high blood pressure. Here are the causes, symptoms and risks associated with high blood pressure in women, as well as the top 5 ways you can lower high blood pressure naturally.

Cardiovascular disease — what every woman should know, reviewed by Dr. Sarika Arora, MD. Why is cardiovascular disease the number–one killer of American women today, and why is it different for women than it is for men? The answers lie buried in the history of heart disease in America, modern medicine’s response, and what new research is telling us today.

Preventing heart disease — the natural approach, reviewed by Dr. Amber Hayden, DO. At Women's Health Network, we approach heart health from a holistic perspective, taking into account all of the factors that create heart health or disease, including diet, lifestyle, stress, genetics and emotional history. Here is our seven-step guide to leading a heart–healthy life.

Risk factors for heart disease, reviewed by Dr. Amber Hayden, DO. When it comes to heart disease, prevention is the wisest approach. Understanding all your risk factors — from blood test results and hormonal balance, to dietary and lifestyle habits, stress, and emotional history — is a great first step to take in creating lasting heart health.

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