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Digestive health for women. An introduction to women’s digestive health issues, with links to all our digestion articles and their subpages.

How to get rid of acid reflux naturally. Occasional acid reflux and heartburn are fairly normal but when they happen again and again, something more serious could be going on. Find out the major causes of reflux and get effective tips for relieving these painful symptoms.

How to balance your gut flora to reduce your symptoms, reviewed by Dr. Mary James, ND. What are probiotics, how are they used, and what are their benefits? Find out how you can reduce diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas and other symptoms with a probiotic, plus get tips for choosing the best probiotic for you.

What are digestive enzymes?. Digestive enzymes are special proteins your body makes to help break down the foods you eat into smaller, absorbable nutrients—without the optimal amount of digestive enzymes, your body doesn’t digest food properly which leads to digestive issues.

New and surprising benefits of probiotics, Dr. Mary James, ND. Benefits of probiotics go far beyond help for digestive distress. New research shows probiotic benefits include weight loss, improved mood and reduced allergies and sensitivities.

Could yeast be disturbing your digestion? Candida albicans, the organism responsible for yeast infection and oral thrush, is often the underlying cause of a host of women’s health problems, including IBS, fatigue, headaches, leaky gut syndrome, muscle pain, eczema, acne and more. It’s commonly misdiagnosed by conventional medicine, which is especially unfortunate because there are highly effective natural remedies.

How to heal your digestive tract. Many women don’t realize that the gas, bloating, and constipation they feel every day aren’t normal or healthy — and they might be signs of a condition called ”leaky gut syndrome.” Leaky gut is one hidden cause of many symptoms and conditions, from poor digestion to joint pain to autoimmune diseases! Learn more about healing leaky gut from Women's Health Network so that you can feel better now.

Why everyone is talking about gluten and celiac disease. Understanding the varied symptoms and causes of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease can help you take the necessary steps to manage this condition. Take these steps with Women's Health Network as we explain the spectrum nature of celiac disease and what you can do to avoid gluten in your diet.

The elimination diet. Our elimination can help you know for sure which foods are safe for your digestion, and which ones aren’t. Once you know, you’ll be able to prevent gas, bloating, constipation and nausea and will have more energy.

5 easy ways to go gluten-free. Have you considered going gluten-free? Here’s a step-by-step approach with lots of meal ideas to make gluten-free EASY.

What heartburn and IBS have in common. Many women who have IBS also have upper GI symptoms such as heartburn, reflux or nausea – if you suffer from these you should get your gut health tested.

Is there gluten in….? Take our quick quiz to find out how much you know about hidden gluten in your favorite foods. Plus, get our favorite tips for going gluten free.

Herbs for digestion, reviewed by Dr. Mary James, ND. Women with digestive problems may feel better with the help of herbal teas or other herbal remedies. Women's Health Network offers a selection of common, readily available herbs that support digestion.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a complex, often misunderstood condition that is especially problematic for women. Understanding the many physical and emotional factors that can cause IBS will help you regain the balance you need for good digestive health.

Don’t let digestion get worse. How long has it been since your digestion has felt right? Our four steps can help resolve digestive issues at their source and relieve embarrassing and uncomfortable symptoms like gas, bloating, fatigue after meals, loose stools — and the anxiety that go with them. Take action now to heal your gut and feel better.

Your gut instincts: natural digestive health for overall wellness. Whatever your health issues, Women's Health Network believes that the first step to healing your body is to heal your digestion. Learn more about how gut health affects total health.

pH balance in the body. Eating foods that optimize the pH balance in your digestive system helps it extract the nutrients you need to keep your digestion, heart and bones healthy. See the simple steps you can take today.

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