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Solutions for brain health. When it comes to brain health, women worry that memory loss, fuzzy thinking and the inability to concentrate are inevitable as they get older. But you can change your brain health picture by knowing more about how your brain works, and what it needs to stay healthy and sharp.

How to have a better memory, by Dr. Julie Schwartzbard, MD. Memory loss and forgetfulness are top concerns of women 40 and older. Neurologist Dr. Julie Schwartzbard, MD shares her prescription for dealing with memory issues so you feel sharper and more in control now, while you protect your brain for the future.

Sharpen your focus and have better concentration, by Dr. Julie Schwartzbard, MD. More and more women are finding it hard to focus and concentrate when it matters most due to several easily identified factors. You can, and should, do something about these focus breakers before the situation gets worse. Get started now.

Natural relief from chronic headaches, by Dr. Julie Schwartzbard, MD. With so many types of headaches and variations in triggers, finding a medication–free solution can be elusive and frustrating. But the good news is that simple daily choices offer you a proactive role in natural headache prevention.

Menstrual migraines and other hormonal headaches, by Dr. Julie Schwartzbard, MD. “Timing is of the essence” when it comes to applying natural methods to rebalance your hormones and prevent this type of headache. Learn how to identify your hormonal patterns and eliminate or soften the impact of hormonal headaches on your life.

Beat fuzzy thinking in menopause - 5 ways to get your brain back. This common symptom can cause a lot of fear in women. Take a look at some of the root causes for fuzzy thinking and what you can do about it — naturally.

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