Wouldn’t it be great if resolving menopause symptoms was as easy as taking a pill? But it isn’t, no matter what conventional medicine practitioners and drug companies might tell you. And if you’re on hormone replacement therapy now, you know that it isn’t the magic solution to hot flashes, anxiety, irritability and insomnia in menopause.

HRT has been studied a lot, but the research results are decidedly mixed. The best we can say is that, for some women, HRT may be the right choice. However, for the vast majority of women suffering daily with menopause symptoms, the risks and side effects are not worth any potential benefit. The trouble is, once you’re on HRT, getting off it can be especially difficult.

Here’s the good news: if you’ve been taking, or considering, HRT, you have natural options for dealing with menopause symptoms that really work to resolve your symptoms right where they start. These choices can help you taper off HRT over time while ramping up the support and symptom relief you provide your body.

Get started today on your plan to be HRT-free without drugs, or their side effects.

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