Take our quick quiz to see where gluten could be hiding

Going without gluten can be tricky, even if you’ve cut out your favorite breads, baked goods and pastas made from wheat, barley or rye. That’s because you may not realize how gluten can be hidden in many of our favorite foods.

Take our quick quiz below to see how much you know — plus when you check the answer you’ll get one of our favorite “Best bets” for going gluten free!

Salad dressing? Gluten may be hiding in salad dressing.

Maybe. Salad dressings may include binding agents and modified food starches that contain gluten. If you buy salad dressings, always check the label.

Best bet
Steer clear of store-bought dressings altogether and make your own with olive oil, lemon juice and wine vinegar (other vinegars may contain gluten). Add salt, pepper and herbs for endless combinations.


Rice is gluten free.

No. There is no gluten in rice.

Best bet
There’s a great big world of rice options out there – go explore! Try mixing and matching different kinds of rice (white, brown, jasmine, basmati, wild…) and spices.

Bonus: Rice pastas are becoming more common and are delicious.

Wine (Red or White)?
Is gluten hiding in your wine glass?

No. There is no gluten in wine.

Best bet
Enjoy responsibly!

Soy sauce from your favorite Chinese restaurant?
Soy sauce contains gluten.

Yes. Standard soy sauce is made with wheat and contains gluten.

Best bet
Use tamari soy sauce instead, which is gluten-free. You may also see gluten-free brands at the grocery store, but check the labels carefully.

Ice cream?
Extra ingredients can add gluten to ice cream.

Maybe. Basic ingredients in most ice creams are gluten-free — it’s when you get to the added ingredients such as cookies and candy that you’ll find gluten.

Best bet
Enjoy simple flavors, or try delicious sorbet options. Again, always check the labels.

Corn Tortillas?
Enjoy gluten-free corn tortillas.

No. There is no gluten in corn tortillas. The key here is corn tortillas. Flour tortillas do contain gluten.

Best bet
This is substituting at its easiest. For many, corn tortillas are a wonderful non-guilty, non-gluten pleasure.

To get that “floppy feel” that flour tortillas have, just heat the corn tortillas with oil or butter.

Herbal Tea?
Did you know tea may have gluten?

Maybe. Some herbal teas contain gluten in their flavorings or sweeteners.

Best bet
Choose black or green teas – or again, read the label carefully.

Gluten-free bread?
Is there really gluten-free bread?

No. There is no gluten in gluten-free bread. However remember that “healthy” gluten-free foods may contain much more sugar, additives and artificial ingredients than other – better – options.

Best bet
Be especially careful with packaged foods. Sometimes it is better to go with another choice completely!

Gluten can lurk in non-food items such as lipstick.


Best bet
Surprise! Gluten can be lurking in non-food items that you may accidentally ingest. Always check the labels!

Want to try gluten-free?

Our 14-day Digestive-Reset Elimination Diet, as part of our Digestive Reset Program, gives you healthy, delicious gluten-free meal options to get started. Or read more about gluten and its effects in our article Gluten sensitivity and celiac disease.