Women's Health Network’s masturbation survey

Shame, embarrassment, fear that you’ll be judged — how often do these emotions make women hesitate when discussing their health? At Women's Health Network, we encourage our readers to explore “delicate” topics by reminding you that knowledge makes you better able to manage your health. We’ll help you learn about sensitive subjects that you may be uncomfortable talking about with a friend or even a healthcare provider.

In that spirit, we invite you to take our poll to learn for yourself where “self-cultivation” fits into the lives of women just like you. Sometimes, knowing that you’re not alone in your curiosity is all it takes to change your thinking!


1. Have you ever practiced masturbation before?

2. When you do, are you able to bring yourself to orgasm?

3. Do you feel more relaxed after you masturbate?

4. Do you use a vibrator when you masturbate?

5. How often do you masturbate each week?
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