When life gives you lemons...your bones will benefit

In Syracuse where I live, summer is much anticipated after the dark, cold winter with up to 120 inches of snow! When the warmer months roll around, one of my favorite things to do is to trade my hot tea for a variety of ice-cold fruit drinks — and my top choice is lemonade.

Recently, I tried lots of different ways to prepare lemon waters and I found a recipe that’s truly delicious, doesn’t require additional sweeteners (according to my taste!), and is not much harder to make than plain lemon water. The secrets are fresh blueberries and fresh mint leaves!

But before we get to the recipe, here are a few of the ways that lemons boost bone strength and enhance overall health:

• Lemons are strongly antibacterial and antiviral (known for centuries as an antidote to a variety of poisons).

• Lemons are high in antioxidants such as vitamin C and can boost immunity.

• Lemons contain lots of citric acid and, although they taste acidic, actually have an alkalizing effect on the body.

• Lemons both stimulate and detoxify the liver.

• Lemons contain “limonene” a terpene oil nutrient which is an excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, fat cleanser and bowel stimulant.

In addition, enjoying lemonade is an excellent way to stay hydrated during the summer heat. Why not give it a try? 

Blueberry Lemonade Recipe


1 lemon

¼ cup of organic blueberries

3 to 4 fresh mint leaves

Club soda

Stevia (liquid) – optional

Directions: In a tall glass (12-16 ounces), muddle (mash together) the blueberries and the mint leaves. Squeeze juice of lemon into glass. Add ice and top with club soda. This will make “tart” lemonade. For more sweetness, try adding one to three drops of liquid Stevia.