A natural approach to osteoporosis and bone health

Just as every animal in the forest has perfect bone health, so the human skeleton was designed to last a lifetime.

Today, however, weak bones and needless low-trauma fracture are all too common. The National Osteoporosis Foundation notes that half of the US population over 50 years old has either osteoporosis or osteopenia, and one in two women and one in four men will break a bone due to osteoporosis. Many millions are told each year that they should take bone drugs, even though the benefits of these drugs are questionable and the risks well known.

I am here to tell you that there is a better way to build bone and prevent fractures, and that way is the Better Bones, Better Body® program, my time-tested, natural approach to osteoporosis.

For more than 25 years I’ve worked with thousands of women and men to strengthen their bones, even when for some it looked as though osteoporosis would be a life sentence. Our Better Bones, Better Body® Program natural approach to osteoporosis and bone health has proven to be highly effective, not just for strengthening bones, but for enhancing your total body health. With our life-supporting program you will create your own Better Bones and Better Body! 

Our motto is that everything we do for bone should be good for the entire body. It's for this reason that we use a whole body, science-based approach. To fully maximize your bone health the Better Bones, Better Body® Program utilizes six distinct components which together offer the most comprehensive approach to osteoporosis prevention and treatment available.

Let’s look take a deeper at the six program components of the Better Bones, Better Body® Program and what they can do for you:

1. Personalized Case Assessment

Carefully assessing each individual case is an important component of the Better Bones Better Body® Program, so this is where we start. I want to know the answers to questions such as... Is your bone loss normal or excessive? What do your bone density tests really tell us? Are you losing excessive bone right now?  Are you at risk of a needless osteoporotic fracture? If so, what are the reasons for any existing bone weakness? Have all the appropriate medical tests been done to uncover any hidden causes of bone loss? Should you consider bone drugs? All these are the items we assess in your first appointment. 

2. Develop an Alkaline Diet

Acid-alkaline imbalance is a well-documented driving factor behind bone loss. In the Better Bones, Better Body® Program, I teach you how to assess your acid-base balance and how to alkalize by following our Alkaline for Life Diet®.  Should you want to start alkalizing on your own, our Alkaline Diet Starter Kit has everything you need to understand the importance of pH balance, develop an Alkaline Diet, and successfully alkalize. 

3. Individualized Nutritional Supplementation

Dozens of nutrients are essential for optimal bone health, and most of these we seriously under-consume. Maximization of all key bone-building nutrients is essential, as is the correct balance between nutrients and the proper alkalizing form of each nutrient. In your new client appointment, I will assess your nutrient adequacy and provide you with a personalized nutrition supplement protocol to help you begin to rebuild bone strength naturally.

4. Enhance Digestion and Absorption

Our amazing bodies are formed from the foods we eat, digest and assimilate. Strong digestion is essential for delivering the nutrients and energy essential to maintain and build bone.  Toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, plasticizers, petrochemicals, viruses and fungus have their own way of interfering with cellular functioning and nutrient utilization. The Better Bones, Better Body® Program will address and help you resolve your digestive and toxic burden issues.

5. Exercise for Bone Health

Research shows that our bones respond to the load put upon them and that exercise builds bone and muscle strength while enhancing balance and preventing falls. Hundreds of clinical trials document how strength training builds bone mass and reduces fracture incidence. In the Better Bones, Better Body® Program, we guide you in the development of a personalized strength training exercise program.  You will learn specific exercises suited to your liking and needs which strengthen the spine, hip and entire skeleton. In addition, you will be introduced to our Better Bones Exercise for Osteoporosis channel.

6. Stress, Worry Reduction and the Nourishing of Emotional Resilience

At the Center for Better Bones, we recognized that stress directly damages bone -- decades before scientists noted this link. For many years we have helped women understand that worry, anxiety and stress directly deplete bone. This damage occurs largely via the sympathetic nervous system and adrenal stress hormones.

The Better Bones, Better Body® Program will guide you in the development of your own plan for reducing anxiety and creating emotional resilience, mindfulness and peace of mind. Together we will explore the concept that nothing holds more power over the body than thoughts held in the mind. We will explore the possibility that non material forces of such as thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, stress responses and expectations could be as powerful as the material nutritional and lifestyle factors.

A natural approach to osteoporosis -- just what the doctor ordered! 

In closing, I like to say that “The Better Bones Better Program is just what the doctor ordered”, and here’s why: In 2004, the U.S. Surgeon General published the first ever federal guidelines for protecting our nation’s bone health.  The illustration below depicts the Surgeon General’s recommendations, and his approach mimics our time-tested Better Bones, Better Body® Program.

Notice how the Surgeon General first recommends nutrition, physical activity, and fall prevention as the primary line of osteoporosis treatment. After this, it's time for assessment and treatment of underlying causes, if necessary.  If all else fails, then bone drug therapy is the last resort recommendation. What generally happens in the doctor’s office, however, is quite different than what the Surgeon General recommended.

You yourself have probably noticed that drug therapy is generally the first step most doctors take when they see osteoporosis or osteopenia, not the last step.  This knee-jerk response to use drug therapy exposes millions of people needlessly to the risks of bone drug therapy. Even more, it a represents a missed opportunity---an opportunity to use osteoporosis as “wake-up call” to take charge of your health and develop a program to build Better Bones and a Better Body, naturally!

You have real choices about bone health — make the right one for you I encourage you to remember that your body is capable of building and strengthening bone on its own when given the needed support and resources to do so. If you’re concerned about your risks of osteoporosis or osteopenia, know that our Better Bones, Better Body® natural nutritional and lifestyle recommendations will be powerful protectors of bone and promoters of body-wide health.