Favorite summer superfoods for osteoporosis

There are so many reasons why we should eat fresh whole foods in season, and it’s even better if we select foods that strengthen and support our bones. 

As we enter summer, I want to share with you some of my favorite seasonal foods that fit the criteria of “superfoods” for bones — and I also want to share exactly what these criteria are to help you identify even more foods on your own.

In developing my daily diet, I think in terms of 11 major food groups, which you’ll see below with my early summer superfood favorites. Why not add your own favorite summer foods to my list? Have fun with this; putting a little of your attention on the food groups and their ideal daily servings will likely result in more diverse and wholesome summer eating.  Notice the abundance of fresh greens in your market and pick the ones that you enjoy.

Early summer superfoods for bone health

4.5 cups/day
- Green leafy vegetables 
- Asparagus 
- Snow peas 
- Watercress
- Lettuce 
- Dandelion greens 

60-80 g/day (as tolerated) 
- Fresh salmon 
- Lentils 
- Lean meats 

Nuts and seeds 
2-3 servings/day
- Almonds (1st nut of the summer) 
- Sesame seeds 

8 glasses/day 
- Pure water 
- Lemon water 
- Iced green tea with mint 

Fermented foods 
1-2 servings/day 
- Kombucha 
- Lacto-fermented pickles

Root crops & squashes 
1-2 servings/day 
- Scallions 
- Summer squash 

2-3 servings/day 
- Strawberries 
- Raspberries
- Blueberries 

0-2 servings/day 
- Kefir 
- Yogurt 

Oils & fats 
1-2 tbsp/day 
- Olive oil 
- Coconut oil 
- Avocado

Whole Grains 
1-2 servings/day 
- Quinoa 
- Whole grain rice

Herbs & spices 
1-2 tsp/day 
- Parsley 
- Mint 
- Cilantro

What makes a food a "superfood" for bone health?

Here are the key qualities of food that in my book earn them the title of “bone superfood.”  Think about the foods that you like to eat. How many of them meet these qualifications?


Early summer is a time when Nature wakes from her winter rest and growth abounds. I send each of you my best wishes for a joyous early summer, full of the season’s growth and great tastes and flavors!