Muscle loss with aging — are you at risk for sarcopenia?

Sarcopenia refers to excessive loss of muscle mass and strength. Are you at risk?

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Don’t be fooled: Vitamin D does prevent fracture

What separates a good vitamin D study from one that's flawed? Dr. Brown takes a look -- and sets the record straight on vitamin D and fracture risk.

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Make your first fracture your last fracture

Did you know that having a previous bone fracture puts you at higher risk for a future fracture? Make your first fracture your last with Dr. Brown's steps for natural healing.

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Is magnesium the missing ingredient for preventing bone fracture?

Researchers continue to reveal the importance of dietary intake of magnesium for women, and higher magnesium intake significantly decreases fracture risk.

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Arthritis or fracture? Figuring out what back pain means

Recent research shows that the pain caused by vertebral fractures is different from other causes, such as arthritis of the spine.

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6 ways standard osteoporosis treatment is dead wrong

Two of my top concerns about the standard approach to bone health touch on isolating bone health and high doses of calcium as an answer.

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Men and osteoporosis risk

Many men may not realize they're at risk for harmful bone loss. But the vast majority of risk factors that weaken bone in women are also risk factors for men.

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New data shows omega-3s reduce fracture risk

According to a new study, getting optimal amounts of daily omega-3s in midlife is connected to lower fracture risk in women.

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Does your weight matter for bone strength?

Dr. Susan E. Brown, PhD looks at how your weight can affect your bone strength.

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Long-term Benefits of Calcium and Vitamin D

Researchers found that even low daily doses of vitamin D and calcium can significantly decrease fractures and certain cancers in women.

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