Mind over muscle — how using your brain could help your bones

A new study shows that using mental imagery can help preserve muscle strength following injury. Can the mind be used to heal bones?

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What your wrist fracture may be telling you

Wrist fractures — common in middle-aged and older women — are an important sign that attention should be given to strengthening bone.

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6 ways standard osteoporosis treatment is dead wrong

Two of my top concerns about the standard approach to bone health touch on isolating bone health and high doses of calcium as an answer.

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New data shows omega-3s reduce fracture risk

According to a new study, getting optimal amounts of daily omega-3s in midlife is connected to lower fracture risk in women.

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7 top nutrients for bone health

You should aim to get these 7 key nutrients every day to build bone strength, reduce bone loss and help keep you from fracturing.

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Reduce your risk of falls at home

Since many falls take place in the home, I suggest that you make fall prevention part of your spring cleaning routine.

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Making your first fracture your last fracture

Here's how you can make your first fracture your last fracture.

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Long-term Benefits of Calcium and Vitamin D

Researchers found that even low daily doses of vitamin D and calcium can significantly decrease fractures and certain cancers in women.

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Fracture healing tips for JaVale McGee, other NBA stars and you

Dr. Brown shares tips to heal fractures more quickly.

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Past hormone replacement therapy use doesn't reduce future fracture risk

Past use of HRT doesn't reduce long-term bone fracture risk.

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