In 2017, learn to cultivate inner peace amid outer turmoil

It’s clear to me that 2017 will be challenging. But I refuse to be discouraged. After all, the times of greatest challenge offer the greatest opportunity for growth. Here are 8 tips to help you find inner peace.

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Your social networks influence your health

Research shows that we tend to reflect the people we’re closest to — here are the top ways that our social networks influence our health and happiness.

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Diabetes and osteoporosis

Research is uncovering many ways in which high blood sugar and high insulin levels damage bone — here’s a look at how osteoporosis and diabetes are connected and what you can do.

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Menopause and sleep disturbances impact biological aging

A new study shows that post-menopausal women with 5 insomnia symptoms were nearly 2 years older biologically than similar women with no insomnia symptoms.

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Bone health risks of watching too much TV

Here are the reasons binge-watching TV is bad for your bones, along with tips to improve your TV watching habits.

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How much vitamin D should you take? That depends on you

Even people who get adequate sunlight may become vitamin D deficient, so it's important to be aware of how much quality vitamin D you should be taking year round.

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Tune up for health with singing in groups

The documented health benefits for singing are undoubtedly powerful, including positive immune factors, lung function, spiritual uplift and more.

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10 minute anxiety-busting tips

Even low-level anxiety can have a negative effect on bone health. Here are 5 of my personal anxiety reducing tips, and each of them can be done in 10 minutes or less.

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New research on sleep and bones

While the amount varies by individual, research suggests that 7 hours of sleep per night is needed to help reduce physiological and neurobehavioral deficits.

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3 free tools for a healthy holiday

Try these three free tools to stay healthy during Thanksgiving and the holidays.

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