Helping children avoid the future burden of osteoporosis

Could exercise be the secret to helping children avoid osteoporosis in the future? The research says yes, so let's take a deeper look.

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Exercising for Bone Strength: The Better Bones, Better Body® Exercise Principles

Learn the 5 key ways exercise strengthens weak bone, even in people with osteoporosis.

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The wonders of you

As we make goals for how we may want to improve our bodies and health in 2019, let's first reflect upon and feel gratitude for the miracle we already are.

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Are we setting kids up for osteoporosis?

Today's generation of children and teens, especially girls, are more sedentary than ever. What will this mean for their bone health and risk for osteoporosis as they age?

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High intensity resistance training for bone offers amazing results

One thing we know about bone is that it responds to increased weight load by getting stronger. So the recent findings of an Australian bone clinic that studied women doing high-intensity weight lifting really shouldn’t surprise us. But just look at these results!

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2018: the year of deliberate creation

Your choices determine your life experiences, so take time as the new year begins to set your sights, plant new seeds and make 2018 the year of deliberate creation.

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6 secret wonders of your skeleton

Our skeletons do much more than hold us up! Learn the 6 secret wonders of the skeleton and the roles our bones play in our overall health.

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How much exercise is “enough” for bone health?

Two new studies show that even small amounts of low-impact exercise have a positive effect on fracture risk with no heavy lifting required.

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How to reduce the risks of too much sitting

If you’re looking for extra motivation to get up and get moving, there’s a powerful new study documenting how sitting for 8 hours a day can take years off your life.

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In 2017, learn to cultivate inner peace amid outer turmoil

It’s clear to me that 2017 will be challenging. But I refuse to be discouraged. After all, the times of greatest challenge offer the greatest opportunity for growth. Here are 8 tips to help you find inner peace.

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