What’s the difference between adrenal imbalance and just being tired?


Adrenal imbalance (often called “adrenal fatigue” in popular parlance) occurs when we experience more sustained stress than we can handle. When you’re simply tired, a good night’s sleep is usually enough to restore your energy. With adrenal imbalance, you rarely find your sleep restorative. This is commonly due to a pattern characterized by high nighttime levels of cortisol — a “stay-alert” hormone produced by the adrenals — or low daytime cortisol, or a combination of both.

You can have your cortisol levels tested with an Adrenal Stress Index. High 24-hour cortisol levels and low daytime cortisol, as well as low DHEA, is a pattern associated with an impaired stress response. Over time, the imbalance can become more pronounced, and the adrenals may produce less and less cortisol as they become increasingly impaired.

Fortunately, you can get your energy back. We use a natural approach to replenishing your adrenal reserves, combining adrenal-healthy nutrition, regular gentle exercise, stress-reduction measures, adequate rest, and professionally formulated phytotherapeutic supplements.

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