Self-pleasuring to rediscover the sexual you

Masturbation is a fun, safe and very effective way to rediscover your body and reveal what you like sexually.

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Good sex starts in your senses

Every sexual experience starts in your senses. Seeing, touching, tasting, smelling and hearing what’s happening will increase your arousal for better sex.

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How to create the sexual adventure of your dreams

Lots of us crave new and increasingly intense experiences, especially when it comes to sex. Here’s how to make them happen.

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How to become ecstatically happy

So many of us wish we were happier. But what if you could feel not only happy, but ecstatic? Barbara tells us how.

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6 ways to have sexy fun with kitchen pervertibles!

You don’t have to buy sex toys in a store — you can find them in your kitchen!

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Want better orgasms? Just breathe!

It’s easy to have better orgasms -- when you know how to breathe. Tantra sex expert, Barbara Carrellas explains.

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Does more sex mean more happiness? Here's the science.

Will having sex more often make you happier? Here’s what the science says about the frequency of having sex and how it affects your happiness.

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How to bring your sexual fantasies to life

If you’re ready to take your personal sexual fantasy out of your imagination and play it out, here’s how to get started with making your fantasy real.

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