Positive affirmations – how to get started

Affirmations are an easy method to change your negative thoughts into positive force.

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Can’t meditate? Yes, you can — here’s how!

Learning to meditate is easier than you think. Here’s a simple guide to get you started with meditation and mindfulness.

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Too tired to exercise? Here's what to do.

For those days you just want much-needed couch time, here are ways to get moving.

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7 ways to unleash your creativity in menopause

As creative energy flows, it produces feelings of increased intuition and insightfulness for discovering who you’re meant to be at this stage of life in menopause.

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5 best things to change when you turn 60

At this point in your life, you may be determined to make some changes and try new things – here are 5 great changes to make when you turn 60.

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How to have more joy in your life

Have you ever asked yourself what being happy really has to do with being healthy? Or what steps you can take today toward creating more joy in your life?

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Positive affirmations for calming fall frenzy

Is it just me, or is the transition into fall somewhat bittersweet? While the idea of bidding warm nights and beach weekends adieu is hard, there is a certain comfort in resuming September’s routines.

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