High blood pressure — a coronavirus risk factor you have some control over

One of the leading risk factors for Coronavirus could be high blood pressure. Why is this? And what can you do to lower your risk? Dr. Sharon Stills explains.

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COVID-19: What a doctor is doing to stay healthy in the pandemic

Dr. Sarika Arora shares what she is doing at home to support her immune system by eating healthy, taking natural supplements and exercising.

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COVID-19: More than the elderly are at risk. Maybe you are too.

We're told that 15% of us at are greater risk for disease, and it's many the elderly. The reality is -- many of us have lowered immune function, and don't even know it.

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Your COVID-19 Battle Plan: Common Sense + 9 Immune-Boosting Supplements

What is a naturopathic doctor doing to stay safe from COVID-19? Dr. Sharon Stills shares her unique tips for lowering risk for coronavirus.

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How you go through menopause affects your sleep

Sleep disturbances are common during menopause and most often related to hormonal imbalance. Need to get back to sleep? Get these doctor-approved tips.

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Doctors prescribe HRT for osteoporosis. Here's why this is never a good idea.

Synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is commonly prescribed for bone loss and osteoporosis during menopause. What are the risks?

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Sorry, celery juice isn’t a miracle cure-all

Is there anything to all the buzz that celery juice can cure just about anything that ails you? A doctor takes a look at this latest health fad, and finds the evidence lacking.

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5 best adaptogens for stress relief

Want serious stress relief without pharmaceuticals? These are the 5 best herbal adaptogens to calm your nervous system — naturally.

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What’s the best surgery for pain in aging knees -- arthroscopy or arthroplasty?

Choosing the right treatment for knee pain in older patients requires making a decision between arthroscopy and arthroplasty ("knee replacement surgery"). Which method is right for your aging knees?

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The hidden dangers that food labels conceal

Do you really know what is – or isn’t – in the food you eat? Find out what a food label is really telling you.

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