5 best adaptogens for stress relief

Want serious stress relief without pharmaceuticals? These are the 5 best herbal adaptogens to calm your nervous system — naturally.

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What’s the best surgery for pain in aging knees -- arthroscopy or arthroplasty?

Choosing the right treatment for knee pain in older patients requires making a decision between arthroscopy and arthroplasty ("knee replacement surgery"). Which method is right for your aging knees?

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The hidden dangers that food labels conceal

Do you really know what is – or isn’t – in the food you eat? Find out what a food label is really telling you.

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Why we – often but not always – criticize doctors

Shouldn't women be allowed to ask questions of their doctors? We think so.

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Your prescription drugs may have more side effects than you’re told — here’s why

Even your doctor may not know the risks of new prescription drugs and their true side effects.

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New study claims “HRT doubles risk of breast cancer” — here’s the truth

The controversy over hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and its link to breast cancer risk is back in the news in a big way. What does it mean for you?

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3 easy homemade bone broth recipes

Bone broth can be the basis for warming soups and stews, or you can sip it straight. Ready to give this healing elixir a try?

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The easy breathing technique that burns  fat

Having trouble losing weight in perimenopause? Try diaphragmatic breathing, an easy technique that burns fat and boost your metabolism.

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The surprising cause of insulin resistance your doctor doesn’t know about

Solid evidence shows a connection between pesticide exposures and insulin resistance -- so why aren't we being told about it?

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Why keto diets can be harmful to your health

Is the keto diet the "magic pill" for ending weight and health struggles? The answer may surprise you!

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