Essential oil recipes for sleep and calm

Take a deep breath and get ready to relax with essential oil blends for soothing sleep. The best essential oils for sleep include lavender, jasmine and sandalwood.

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How to make change that lasts

Just in time to make your 2019 resolutions a reality – 5 tips for making change that lasts from Dr. Sharon Stills.

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Positive affirmations – how to get started

Affirmations are an easy method to change your negative thoughts into positive force.

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Can’t meditate? Yes, you can — here’s how!

Learning to meditate is easier than you think. Here’s a simple guide to get you started with meditation and mindfulness.

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5 ways to fight the winter blues

5 ideas for more energy, more coziness, more of everything good this winter.

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These are the two universal elements of happiness, according to science

What makes me jump for joy might not be the same for you, but according to scientists, there are just two universal elements to being happy.

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How memories can go from bad to good

It’s possible to shrink the power that bad memories hold over you as well as the difficult emotions they can cause. Once you do this, you can live better in the present.

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How to meditate in 3 minutes a day

If you’re struggling as a beginning meditator, here’s a relatable guide for you to follow that makes meditation quick, easy and effective in just 3 minutes a day.

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Traumatic memories – can we really forget them?

If you undergo trauma or abuse, your brain can change bad memories to shield you from the aftereffects of pain, abuse or trauma.

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4 dos and don'ts to be happy in menopause

To be happy in midlife and through menopause, you should focus more on the everyday things that you can control or reprioritize—here are a few areas to start with.

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