Tips for safe prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga is loaded with physical, mental and energetic benefits – here are tips to keep practicing yoga safely for as long as you can through your pregnancy.

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Muscle and joint pain from hypothyroidism

Most of us know the classic symptoms of low thyroid are fatigue, weight gain and chilliness. Dr. James reveals that chronic muscle or joint pain is a symptom too many people miss.

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Natural supplements to help normalize your glucose metabolism

Using diet and exercise for your insulin resistance/prediabetes? Adding a supplement may help.

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3 safe breathing techniques if you have high blood pressure

Try these 3 breathing exercises for high blood pressure. You’ll discover powerful benefits from something you’ve been doing all this time without thinking about it!

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Does alkaline water actually have health benefits?

Water (or any food or liquid) doesn’t alkalize the body chemistry based on the pH of that particular substance. That’s just one reason why alkaline water might not be worth it.

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Trying to lose weight? When you eat matters.

Could the timing of your meals help you lose those stubborn pounds? Dr. Mary James reveals when to eat — and when not to eat — for lasting weight loss

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3 walking workouts we love

With just a few tweaks, you can turn your favorite regular neighborhood walks into genuine fitness sessions that reduce belly fat and build stamina.

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You may be taking too many drugs. But how can you tell?

Could you be taking too many prescription drugs? What Dr. James has to say and questions you should ask yourself about your health, medications, symptoms and side effects.

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5 chair yoga poses for all levels

Chair yoga poses are great for all levels – whether you’re a senior, a beginner, or have limited mobility, this chair yoga sequence is for you.

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Are your shoes causing foot problems?

Wearing the wrong shoes can cause foot problems down the road, so knowing how to choose the best shoes for your feet is important to avoid serious problems.

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