Arthritis in your 40s -- what's different?

Dr. Pier Boutin, MD, explores early arthritis symptoms and the many steps you can take to find arthritis pain relief.

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Immune-boosting foods — summer edition!

Support your immune and respiratory health this summer with these 5 immune-boosting foods.

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Learn the role Vitamin D plays in immune health

Exciting new research shows how much Vitamin D matters for immune function and protection from Covid-19. Are you getting enough?

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Soothe sore muscles with our DIY muscle rub

Try our homemade muscle rub recipe that uses ingredients from your kitchen.

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Best vitamins & nutrients to boost the immune system

Dr. Sharon Stills discusses her favorite vitamins and nutrients for lasting immune support.

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How melatonin supports your immune system

You may be taking melatonin for sleep support, but here's a surprise: melatonin is also supporting your immune system.

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4 Energy-Boosting Detox Tips

Feeling tired, bloated and unfocused is your body’s way of telling you that it’s loaded with toxins — these are the best ways to detox your body -- from home!

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Covid-19: How a doctor is supporting her body and soul

Find out what a doctor is doing to stay physically and emotionally healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

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High blood pressure — a coronavirus risk factor you have some control over

One of the leading risk factors for Coronavirus could be high blood pressure. Why is this? And what can you do to lower your risk? Dr. Sharon Stills explains.

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Covid-19: What a doctor is doing to stay healthy in the pandemic

Dr. Sarika Arora shares what she is doing at home to support her immune system by eating healthy, taking natural supplements and exercising.

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