Easy Roasted Vegetable Platter recipe to take to parties

This roasted vegetables recipe is tasty, nutritious and easy! All you’ll need is the vegetables, olive oil, salt & pepper and 30 minutes — perfect for parties.

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The hidden dangers that food labels conceal

Do you really know what is – or isn’t – in the food you eat? Find out what a food label is really telling you.

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Why we – often but not always – criticize doctors

Shouldn't women be allowed to ask questions of their doctors? We think so.

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4 ways to bust holiday stress — that work in 2 minutes or less

Who has time to reduce stress during the holidays? Since it only takes 2 minutes — now you do!

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Exercises to increase bone density

Exercise is one of the best ways to maintain and increase bone density and strength. Here are three of my favorite exercises for you to consider.

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Is progesterone the secret for menopause symptom relief?

During the menopause transition, progesterone helps to relieve menopause symptoms like hot flashes and weight gain.

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L-theanine: the secret ingredient for stress relief that Taylor Swift swears by

Taylor Swift uses L-theanine as a natural remedy for stress relief. Here's why you might want to too.

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Your prescription drugs may have more side effects than you’re told — here’s why

Even your doctor may not know the risks of new prescription drugs and their true side effects.

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Daydreaming: does it have real benefits?

Daydreaming has real benefits at work and on your own personal time, according to certain studies. Try it to feel calmer and more positive.

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New study claims “HRT doubles risk of breast cancer” — here’s the truth

The controversy over hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and its link to breast cancer risk is back in the news in a big way. What does it mean for you?

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